DTMIX012 – Sharon Common [Northumberland, ENGLAND]


Death Techno - Sharon Common

Our good friend and one of the most in demand and talented DJs in the North-East. Being a rare combination of both ‘educator’ and ‘entertainer’ she’s always a treat to see live exhibiting a wide variety of styles. The mix we received from her is custom made to suit the ethos of Death Techno with a funked up driving groove throughout…

SoundCloud :


Tracklist :

01. FM RADIO GODS : 333 [Baroque]
02. LUIS FLORES : the pain in my left arm [Hidden Agenda]
03. DOUSK : dirty teeth (Beckers Remix) [Vapour]
04. CARLO LIO : the little things (Tony Rohr Remix) [SK Supreme]
05. MONAQUE : dos3000 [microCastle]
06. ADAM BEYER : filthy lobster [Drumcode]
07. MONTERO, HAUSWERKS, THREESIXTY : 48k access (Sonny Wharton Mash 08. Up Remix) [Baroque]
09. MATAN CASPI : powder 8 [Baroque Limited]
10. OLIVIER GIACOMOTTO : back down (Save The Robot Remix) [Definitive]

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