DTMIX021 – El Tuskio [Sunderland, ENGLAND]


Death Techno - El Tuskio

When I received word from Andy that his second mix was near completion and that he’d been working on it for months, my face lit up with joy. I know one thing for sure, expect the unexpected, but this simply went beyond what I imagined. Launching into a sea of darkness by now good friend Miss Sunshine and featuring some of my favourite labels and artists around while epitomizing the ethos of Death Techno. There’s not much else to say apart from download now! El Tuskio is so underground he doesn’t even have a Facebook account…

/// SoundCloud
/// Twitter


Tracklist :

01. MISS SUNSHINE : darkroom [Monocline]
02. FELIX LORUSSO : mala [Cirque Du Minimaliste]
03. DAEGON : subterrene [Cirque Du Minimaliste]
04. JPLS & AMBIVALENT : frontstab [Minus]
05. SHUQQ : death & taxes (Miss Sunshine Remix) [Redukt Digital]
06. JEREMY P CAULFIELD : nude beach [Dumb Unit]
07. ALAN FITZPATRICK : paranoize (Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlbäck Remix) [Drumcode]
08. BEN MILL : hour 25 (Tex-Rec Remix) [Gynoid Audio]
09. COETER ONE : quadrat (Daegon Remix) [Machine Box]
10. ALEX D’ELIA & DA LUKAS : didascalia (Maetrik ‘Dreamsequence’ Remix) [Hysterical]
11. KANE ROTH : tac au tac [FRONT Digital]
12. CARI LEKEBUSCH & JESPER DAHLBACK : rockers [H-Productions]
13. ZIPPIE : always going up [Kopfmusik]
14. RAMADANMAN & APPLEBLIM : void 23 (Carl Craig Re-Edit) [Aus Music]

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