DTMIX025 – Mainliner [Wrocław, POLAND]


Death Techno - Mainliner

Being a platform for underground talent is definitely a major priority at DT and our SoundCloud group is there for this reason. Discovering a hellish mix featuring a couple of tracks by our good friend Hefty was always a winning recipe that is worthy of your ears. We expect Mainliner to be a staple part of our future as Poland, yet another country is pinned on the DT map. Exciting stuff…

/// SoundCloud


Tracklist :

01. DAEGON : subcon2 [Der Hut]
02. DUKY : anxiety [Plastik.FM]
03. EROS MENEZ : verum [Divided]
04. DUKY : memory loss (Daegon Remix) [Plastik.FM]
05. MINIMUM : ufo (Splatter Remix) [Fourth Kind]
06. LINDA SWALLOW : alone in the dark forest [Divided]
07. JOHNNY AEMKEL : some days in berlin [Divided]
08. HEFTY : monophobia [Solid Tracks]
09. BCR BOYS : hybrid [Perc Trax]
10. TIARI : holes like shadows (Daegon Remix) [Divided]
11. TIARI : something changed [Divided]
12. SHUQQ : death & taxes (Daegon Remix) [Redukt Digital]
13. HEFTY : coulrophobia [Solid Tracks]
14. KC1 : robot vs. robot (Ralph Mirto Remix) [Nachstrom Schallplatten]
15. HACKLER & KUCH : next level shit [Promo]

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