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Big Dirty cables


I am over the moon to announce a new sponsorship for Death Techno. Since launching DT as a new project back in March 2010 there has been many highlights so far and this is top of the list.

I was looking for a new audio cable to accompany me and generally be my cable of choice for gigs. After a while of searching eBay, I was enticed by a superb stock photo, then looking closer a clear, stylised and defined product which was exactly what I was looking for. A unique, distinctive, black cable design with an orange tag at either end of the connectors marked BIG DIRTY that I could tell was made with a great understanding and passion in mind.

Reading a little more into the seller I discovered more…

“Big Dirty cables supplies custom audio and video cables to TV and Audio professionals around the UK. Before now we have only done business face to face with our clients, now we feel its time to let the on-line community see what we have to offer.”

Without hesitation I bought it and wanted to get in touch with them and let them know what a great product I thought they had. The idea of Sponsorship soon arose and after multiple lengthy emails as we talked future plans and ideas. I am truly proud that DT is now associated with the super high audio standards they strive for, this is certainly a relationship that will build.

“Thanks for all your great comments about our products and style, it’s exactly how I wanted it to all come across. I had a look at your WordPress and SoundCloud sites, it looks like you have an ever growing good thing going on with some dedicated followers. I’ve had some of the mixes on in the background whilst making up the days cable orders!”

Thanks for reading.

Kirky /// Jack! Who?


– We plan to supply those of you that have released mixes on DT with a gift courtesy of Big Dirty cables.
– Competitions will be launching soon to win a ‘DJ Cable Pack’ that will include 2xPhono-Phono + 1xMini Jack-Phono (iPod/Laptop cable) entry details too come.
– Sponsorship of any future events Death Techno is involved with.


Feel free to enquire about BIG DIRTY products and also bare in mind they can create a custom cable to your exact requirements and specifications.

Simply drop an email to sales @

Facebook Page | Official Site – WWW.BIGDIRTY.TV – Coming Soon | eBay Store | Twitter


“We are only a very new and small company/brand, in fact I only decided to make it all official December 2010. All our cables are made to order in South London, which means we can do pretty much any size and configuration that our customers want, even if they buy a pre-spec cable on eBay we can always make last minute changes.

Despite being so small we actually make cables for some big organisations and industry people. We built a whole HD video and audio studio gallery setup for UK MasterChef that was aired earlier this year, a lot of the TV sound recordists in London use our cables for shows like MasterChef, Apprentice, X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. Our video cables are used by a lot of camera operators on these shows too. As well as this we like to make things that aren’t available anywhere else, which is why we make our own growing range of iPhone cables like our iPhone timecode input cable (these have been used on a Channel 4 drama and a feature film) and our iPhone mic xlr input cable (hopefully available soon!).

The main thing we focus on is making the cables to the high quality anyone would expect whether they are for TV/Audio industry people or someone who just wants to plug some speakers into their TV at home or iPod into their car system.”

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