DTMIXS05 – Luis Noic/Show Mestiche Dee LIVE [Murcia, SPAIN]


Luis Noic DT Profile

After discovering his talent recently and featuring a track on my Xmas Minimal Mix, Luis sent us this Exclusive Live mix. No tracklist, completely live music and worthy of the Special Mix Series. Displaying his crazy, wonky and experimental sound, it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before with ever changing rhythms. A true pleasure to introduce him to those that appreciate originality and we hope to see plenty more of him.

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Resident Advisor : Luis Noic on RA
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YouTube : Luis Noic on YouTube

Death Techno – DTMIXS05 – Luis Noic/Show Mestiche Dee LIVE (320) by Death Techno

Sorry, there is no tracklist for this one, it’s 100% LIVE!

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