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Label : Affekt Recordings
CAT# : AFK013
Artist : Uncode
Title : Cmtrn EP
Released : 7 January 2015

01. Uncode – Cmtrn
02. Uncode – Crater
03. Uncode – Falls
04. Uncode – Sweden

“It’s been a while since I have listened to good techno music.” Those were my first words, when I wrote my very first review for Now that is false and out-dated, because Techno is developing quite rapidly into a direction I desire. I have no idea what happened that such a shift has taken place. I have the privilege to cover a great EP called “Cmtrn EP” by Uncode on Alex Dolby‘s quality Italian imprint named Affekt Recordings.

The first track is quite mysterious and brings us a really reflective mood, which is pretty interesting, since most people think that dance music has no emotional value. Rhythmic sections are kept to a minimum, so you can focus on trippy call-response and there is another other aspect of the track making it special – harmony. How many times have I heard that techno consists of rhythmic sections only, and that it is quite ‘primitive.’ Well, correct me if I am wrong, but I think that this track proves everybody wrong. It is still techno, yet it has a full spectrum of organic sound.

My favourite track called “Crater.” Why is it my personal favourite? What we have is a driving, stompy and forceful techno with a kind of fidget characteristic. This track is my definition of techno, it is mechanic in a human way, it is like a communication between human and machine. The fidget is creating tension in a positive way, because it’s not a piece of music that could be easily absorbed by our ears, it is a sense of anticipation of what is going to happen. Such a minimalistic track, yet so powerful.

The third offering called “Falls” is really tribal. Take a listen and be amazed by all those polyrhythmic nuances. If you are going to state that it seems to be simple, well then it means that you have not grasped it fully. This track is quite complex and I wonder how many great percussive loops were used. Definitely a dancefloor smasher, because I just cannot stop moving when listening to this.

The final the track “Sweden” hits you and it hits you really hard. Great stompy kick that will sound amazing on a club soundsystem. I really like the bassline in this one, it’s quite hypnotic, but I am also impressed with the micro, glitch-like modulations that are almost unnoticeable, but believe me – they are working like a charm.

Variety. That is how I would describe “Cmtrn EP” in one word. Basically you have everything here: mystery, raw force and technicality. I should stress that it is still a dance music. Uncode has really created interesting pieces of music and I really hope that my home country will melt into this kind of techno completely, because it is intelligent, sophisticated and powerful at the same time.

– Reviewed by Filip Zwirek for


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