DTR | SOMA426 : Woo York – Blade Runner (incl. Zadig Remix)


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Label : Soma Records
CAT# : SOMA426
Artist : Woo York
Title : Blade Runner (incl. Zadig Remix)
Released : 25 May 2015
Format : Digital & Vinyl

01. Woo York – Blade Runner
02. Woo York – Phantom
03. Woo York – Blade Runner (Zadig Remix)

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Woo York have been consistently impressing me with their sound and diversity of work for a while, so had to show some love on their latest Soma offering titled “Blade Runner.”

Truth be told, it didn’t quite click as an EP that instantly made and impact on me, but the longer (and louder) you listen, the true depths start to unfold.

Blade Runner” has managed to harness the tripped out, hypnotic and melodic style they seem to have down to a tee and near untouchable for me right now. It really goes to town on complementing chords and subtle notes, creating surreal netherworlds that’s an absolute pleasure to be a part of as a listener. Crafted to exact perfection, it’s a real treat, not to mention the deep rolling groove that swells away in the underbelly and makes you think your on an interstellar flight…

Phantom” takes a more thunderous approach from the off, but keeping the deep space feeling again. The lunar styled artwork at this point becomes ever so clear, as this number has a feel like your spiralling out of control, as if your falling into oblivion and there’s no coming back. Unreal subconscious images appear as you ride this one out, with only odd bursts of digital hats in the wonderful sparseness to give you something to grab on too.

The only remix here is by Zadig of the lead track Blade Runner. He adds adds a tougher beat with some well placed deep toms to break up the beat. While possessing a quite demented sense of tension, it spins you round like you keep choosing the wrong escape route from a black hole. A quality rework that brings with it plenty of new interesting characteristics on the original.

This functional 3 tracker is Exclusive to Beatport at the moment with a vinyl cut on its way soon.

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