DTR | SG1570 – Henning Baer – In Pursuit of Myself


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Label : Sonic Groove
CAT# : SG1570
Artist : Henning Baer
Title : In Pursuit of Myself
Released : 8 July 2015

01. Say Nothing To No One
02. Empire Down
03. On Craft (SFT Mix)
04. Everyday Life

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Sonic Groove is a label steeped in history and is not scared to take chances since launching in 1995. Lead by one of New York’s early Techno pioneers Adam X, also known as the thrilling Traversable Wormhole. Their newest release is courtesy of Henning Baer the head of Grounded Theory Berlin events.

Say Nothing To No One” begins with a pounding, broken, distorted kick, sharply followed by a haunting melody of bells and a fizzing sound replacing the standard hat, which adds a unique touch. The absolute highlight for me is the gated fx that leads into an incredible apocalyptic crack on the 4 beat shortly after the intro. Fierce and driving, this will tear any dancefloor to smithereens without fail.

The second track “Empire” seems a little more laid-back but nonetheless strong mechanical feel. A heavy analogue 1-2 kick tom pairing, where the second and fourth is pitched up slightly that lends itself to that of a marching troop. A malfunctioning sounding modular screech is the main looping melody that rarely changes on top, as the textures are provided by delays and panning on some deep drum one shots. There’s a killer droning roar underneath that expands and contracts becoming more noticeable down the line. Quite obscure and well crafted, it would make a great building track in any set.

Track three titled “On Craft (SFT Mix)” is a whole new world. Low atmospheric swells that are like breaths from the deep, which throw you off a little, but soon followed by another stomping beat and morphing crackles holding the groove. The snare is aggressive and again underlined with hats and fx, as slowly but surely the stabbing muted modular bleeps become the main ride that raise up a notch for the short break. Definitely a strong hardware sound shoots the spine of this one.

Last here is “Everyday Life” that hurls out a more spacious and jacking rhythm from use of tasty tom work with a chunky beat and accenting metallic shimmers. Almost instantly your treated to a glitchy cut up lead sound that certainly sounds like a destroyed vocal (but honestly you can’t tell for real what it is). A great piece of confusing creativity that gets my nod of approval. A sputtering clacking creates the missing frequencies, adding the forward push. Rooted harmonic stabs added to the fold finish off this number.

Takes me back to some stuff I used to hear DJs play back in the day that really shaped my interest in Techno. Henning chose some killer cuts on this one, not a weak track in sight and more like a quadruple A-side. As it should be in my opinion.

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