DTMIX107 – Miss Sunshine [Osijek, CROATIA] (incl. Q&A)


Death Techno - Mis Sunshine

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The 4th ever guest to Death Techno back in 2010 has returned with a new Exclusive mix for the archive. Miss Sunshine continues to progress on the international stage having great releases on Rebekah’s Decoy and Coeter’s Kaputt for example, including the forthcoming project that introduces her new alias “Insolate” on DJ Deep’s Deeply Rooted label. This atmospheric set takes you on a deep Techno journey that has enough grime and subtleties to intrigue the mind, along with some tough acid-tinged delights straight for the floor.

Tracklist :

01. KRYPT : just below the horizon [Monolith]
02. STEPHANIE SYKES : hyper (Dasha Rush Remix) [VENT]
03. MISS SUNSHINE : moon [Unreleased]
04. NTTA11 : separation [NTTA11]
05. TENSAL : b2 [Tensal]
06. SETAOC MASS : M1 [SK_Eleven)
07. VOLSTER : overwhelming [Out Of Place]
08. SUPER UNKNOWN : super Unknown (part 2) [TH Tar Hallow]
09. ELYAS : olympian 2.3 [Olympian]
10. MISS SUNSHINE : void [Unreleased]
11. REBEKAH : distant (Sterac Remix 2) [CLR]
12. SEVDAH : shum 03 [Unreleased]
13. BLEAK : night serpent [Technorama]
14. DISRUPTED PROJECT : seeking [Unreleased]
15. MORGAN TOMAS : cast001 [CAST]
16. SHLØMO : radioactive sin [Taapion]

Q&A with Miss Sunshine
by Jack! Who? for

> 01. It’s been 5 years since you featured on Death Techno as the 4th ever guest in 2010 which is achievement that we are still going strong. The mix you have created for us has a really introspective and personal feel about it. Is this the sound you are DJing now?
Wow, it’s already passed 5 years?! Time really flies by. Congrats on your continued work! About my mix, it is definitely something that you can hear in my sets, but when I record a podcast I love to go a little deeper than usual and express my current mood and feelings about music.

> 02. We still follow your work closely and it’s great to see you growing as an artist. Have you found the progression in your sound a natural thing or do you just create what you feel like at the time and enjoy experimenting not thinking too much about the end result? Can you tell us how you like to prepare for the music production process and where you find the most inspiration at present?
Of course, every year I feel like I grow and improve, with every new project I feel like I made it better then the last one. I love to experiment, I think it is very important so you can grow as an artist. My inspiration comes mostly from my travels, sometimes I am burning inside to get home to my studio and to start something I have in my head. Travels are definitely my main fuel of creativity.

> 03. You are constantly travelling and on the move, are there some places/countries that you feel really connect with the sounds you play? Where is your favourite place to visit that you love going back too? Is there anywhere you want to pin on your DJ map that you have yet to play?
I would really like to visit the rest of South America. I have really loved my visits to Colombia, having been there 4 years in a row and I feel strongly connected to the crowd there. I would love to play for the rest of the South American dance floors for sure and Japan is highly on my wish list to visit.

> 04. Croatia picked up “Dance Nation of the Year” in 2014 and you collected the award as the selected representative in Ibiza. That must of been a proud moment knowing you were seen as a pioneering artist. Do ya feel a stronger sense of paving the way for other Croatian artists now? Is there any homegrown talent in particular you would like to mention and you keep an eye on?
Yes, I had an amazing time there, it was a huge honour to stand there and receive the award on behalf of my country. This means a lot. Croatia is on fire right now with lots of things going on. The summer is completely crazy with festivals in every corner, I love it and the more the merrier! There is a lot of amazing and talented DJs, producers, labels, crews and organisers I would love to mention, they are working their butts off to keep electronic music alive in Croatia.

First as who to look out for, I need to mention my life and label partner Volster. I think his time is coming and in few months I think you will realise why I am saying this.

I would also love to mention Mateo Klaich, very talented young man from Rijeka. Also these labels/crews: Vakum, Ekstrakt, Burek, Bitchblack and of course few “old-timers”: Petar Dundov, Eddy Ramich, Ilija Rudman, Pero Fullhouse amongst others. They are all shaping the current scene in Croatia.

> 05. I am massively impressed with your tough sounding tracks under the new “Insolate” alias on DJ Deep’s Parisian label Deeply Rooted. Will it become a complete switch for you in the future?
Thank you so much, I am really happy you like it. I am very proud on that release and I worked on it for a long time. Insolate is my first ever alias and I have a strong connection to it. It will be used strictly for Deeply Rooted releases.
It is definitely my biggest project to this time and I wanted to present a new palette of sound and different moods… from mellow and moody tracks to the hard stompers ready for the dance floor.

> 06. Are you aiming for more vinyl releases rather than digital these days and do you still use wax as much as possible for your DJ sets?
If I really like some artists/labels/tracks I will make a digital release too, but to be honest more and more releases are currently on vinyl. I use wax as much as possible, almost every time I play. I do love to combine both, but in the end the most important thing for me is to feel free and uninhibited behind the decks. Sometimes if there are shaky turntables I can’t relax properly so I switch to CDJs to feel more comfortable.

> 07. Are there some forthcoming works, gigs or projects you would like to mention to look out for? Will there ever be a record label from you? It seems like only a matter of time surely?
Our record label is on the way! This Autumn! Finally! Volster and I are opening our vinyl label to be called “Out of Place.” We finally finished all the required documents, the tracks are mastered and they are going to be sent soon for pressing.

Also to note, I am releasing new EPs on Random Island and VENT, plus some new remixes duties too.

Summer is here and it is going to definitely be a hot one. In a few weeks I am playing at Rex Club together with Ben Sims and DJ Deep. The next day I will be in Spain at Lanna Club. Also, I am going back to Dimensions Festival this year and heading to Tresor in Berlin for the first time. Exciting times!

DTMIX106 – VSK [Rome, ITALY]


Death Techno - VSK


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If you like deep space explorations, you will love this Exclusive from Italian maestro VSK. Francesco spearheads CRS also known as Consumer Recreation Service along with Conrad Van Orton and VILIX. His music is anywhere from tough and industrial, freaky and electronic to deep and spacey which can be found on labels like Planet Rhythm, Genesa, to Joton’s Newrhythmic. It’s a hugely hypnotic affair with plenty of attitude when required, that will no doubt make time fly as it draws you in to the murky depths…

Tracklist :

01. DEEPBASS : sleepwalker [Rising Label]
02. VILIX : tephra (Ness Remix) [Mental Modern]
03. VSK : 1.4 system mix (Conrad Van Orton Remix) [Complex Adaptive Systems]
04. SYNTHEK & AUDIOLOUIS : broken pad (Aubrey Remix) [Natch]
05. JOTON : the sury’s forest [Newrhythmic]
06. TAKAAKI ITOH : error polynomial [WOLS]
07. JONAS KOPP : distance [EarToGround]
08. TRUNCATE : fourty four [Mote Evolver]
09. BLUE HOUR : falling lines [Blue Hour]
10. JI@ & ANNULLED USER : 2.4 system mix (Patrick Walker Remix) [Complex Adaptive Systems]
11. VSK : commander of nowhere [Newrhythmic]

DTMIXS23 – Uun LIVE [Kansas City, USA]


Death Techno - Uun

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Midwest, USA native Uun aka Ryan Malony is an artist you should know about and be looking out for in the future. Having worked with Morgan Tomas’ Reloading, Dystopian Rhythm, Teggno and Eternal Drive to name but a few. He is heavily on the grind with his great productions, already picking up support from the likes of Chris Liebing, Joseph Capriati, Octave to Gary Beck. This quality live recording is a trip into his mind of smooth and immersive atmospheres with enough edge and toughness to balance out with ease. A superbly thought out set full of complementing mixes that really give your brain a work out.

Death Techno – DTMIXS23 – Uun LIVE [Kansas City, USA] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

SORRY! No tracklist… L I V E Recording

DTMIX105 – Kereni [Bristol, ENGLAND]


Death Techno - Kereni

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Kereni has been doing this thing a while now and DT has long been fans of his work, thus very pleased to invite him into the mix archive. You can discover his music on labels such as Darknet, BCR, Reaktivate, Archetypes to his latest spooky release “Plan 9” EP on Diego Hostettler and Dave Ellesmere’s Belief System Records. This vinyl only Exclusive set delivers a tough, weird and wonderful ride with tracks from Tadeo, Philippe Petit, Aiken, Raffaele Attanasio, Jeroen Search to Jeff Mills.

Death Techno – DTMIX105 – Kereni [Bristol, ENGLAND] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. TADEO : requiem [Token]
02. N.d : Infantry (Kereni Remix) [Trivmvirate]
03. TADEO : the possibility of an encounter [Token]
04. FUTURE 16 : filaments (part 4) [Gynoid LTD]
05. AN-i : kino-i (Dub) [Cititrax/Minimal Wave]
06. PHILIPPE PETIT : venus [EarToGround]
07. AIKEN : hard times [End Of Dayz]
08. OVERALL SEVERITY : backfiring nerves [Key Vinyl]
09. PATRICK BOLTON: revived [Onnset]
10. DELUSIVE MANOEUVRES : dm1.1 (Raffaele Attanasio Remix) [Delusive Manoeuvres]
11. BIRTH OF FREQUENCY : bad tempered [Construct Re-Form]
12. JEROEN SEARCH : elect (Pt. 1) [Search Archives]
13. JEFF MILLS : growth [AXIS]

DTMIX104 – A.Morgan [Manchester, ENGLAND]


Death Techno - A.Morgan

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UK underground talent is on the rise and A.Morgan is no exception. Quickly signed to Paul Boex’s Dynamic Reflection and Lex Gorrie’s Unknown Territory, his melody driven, powerful and hypnotic style is one for the dancefloor. Not only is his music making a great impression, you can catch the resident DJ at one of Manchester’s leading techno nights called Rhythm Theory that has already had guests like Jerome Sydenham, Slam to Jonas Kopp with Norman Nodge due to visit in June 2015. There’s plenty of unreleased and forthcoming tracks featured in this Exclusive mix along with Lewis Fautzi, Oscar Mulero, Audio Injection, James Ruskin, Mark Broom and many more…

Death Techno – DTMIX104 – A.Morgan [Manchester, ENGLAND] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. A.MORGAN : playing with dreams [Unreleased]
02. A.MORGAN : part time sins [Unreleased ]
03. A.MORGAN : untitled [soon… Unknown Territory]
04. LEWIS FAUTZI : blocker [Figure]
05. A.MORGAN : involuntary movements [soon… Unknown Territory]
06. OSCAR MULERO : reverberation [Polegroup]
07. A.MORGAN : signals [Unreleased]
08. JAMES RUSKIN & MARK BROOM : erotic misery [Blueprint]
09. SOSAK : buy this wreck [Overlee Assembly]
10. SONIC INFUSION : unfuture (Mark Broom Repaint 1) [Credo]
11. NIK FERAL : charlie made her (A.Morgan Remix) [soon… Baptism]
12. CHRIS LIVEN : a.g.w. (Audio Injection Remix) [Armatura Bonus]
13. A.MORGAN : the mill [soon… Unknown Territory]

DTMIX103 – Jan Underwood [Hannover, GERMANY]


Death Techno - Jan Underwood

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An upcoming artist making the right moves on the darker side of techno, Jan Underwood has releases on Mike Wall’s Wall Music, Hefty’s Darker Sounds to Bruno Ledesma’s Concepto Hipnotico. His mix takes on some majorly powerful, driving and freaky tracks that will no doubt surprise your tastebuds whilst taking you on stomping journey. You can check out works by GO!DIVA, Octave, Andres Gil, Alessan Main, Rraph, Stevie Wilson, Lodbrok and many more…

Death Techno – DTMIX103 – Jan Underwood [Hannover, GERMANY] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. GO!DIVA & OVI M : cavala [Brood Audio]
02. OCTAVE : nervous breakdown [Silent Steps]
03. BRUNO LEDESMA / LEDD : signal (Andres Gil Refluxed Remix) [Dystopian Rhythm]
04. ROBIN HIRTE & MIKE VÄTH : loft [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
05. BRUNO LEDESMA / LEDD : signal (Sebastian Cohen Remix) [Dystopian Rhythm]
06. ALESSAN MAIN : 7seven [NuLabel]
07. MEASURE DIVIDE : md4 [Brood Audio]
08. RRAPH : kwadro [Gynoid Audio]
09. ANDRES GIL : broken square (Dani Sbert Remix) [Naked Lunch]
10. SYNC THERAPY : fanatical [Audio Stimulation]
11. STEVIE WILSON : office politics [069 Techno]
12. MIKE MAASS Feat. GRACIE : your life [Black Circus]
13. YYYY : modest [Concepto Hipnotico]
14. GROUND LOOP : begin (Lodbrok Remix) [Gynoid Audio]

DTMIXS22 – We Are 5 – Jack! Who?


Death Techno - Jack! Who?

J A C K ! W H O ?

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C O – O W N E R / A & R

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C R E A T O R / D I R E C T O R / D E S I G N E R

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5 Years this month since Death Techno was born with a mission of delivering fresh and creative sets from established producers to underground talent. There are many more new guests to come this year as the archive grows ever bigger. This 5th birthday celebration mix from creator Jack! Who? includes only tracks by artists that have previously appeared on the series or confirmed for the future. Inside you will also hear 2 Exclusives from DT’s label DEAD CERT. Records that are to be released soon by Vegim and Joachim Spieth. Plenty of rough, rugged and mind bending works featured by the likes of Electric Indigo, ALHEK, Rich Jones, Soolee, L.A.W, Ricardo Garduno, VSK to Eomac and many more…

Death Techno – DTMIXS22 – We Are 5 – Jack! Who? (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. ELECTRIC INDIGO : orkhon [Houztekk]
02. ALHEK : mann I’m spiegel [Wall Music]
03. DIAGENETIC ORIGIN : third dimension [Sonic Groove]
04. RICH JONES : demonic intervention [Soma]
05. VEGIM : binary trip [DEAD CERT. Records]
06. RVDE : silgaar [Black Reel]
07. FRANK SAVIO : driving bells [Driving Forces]
08. SOOLEE : tense [More Than Less]
09. L.A.W. : everest [Decoy]
10. RICARDO GARDUNO : pendulo [Blind Spot]
11. VEGIM : digital fracture (Joachim Spieth Remix) [DEAD CERT. Records]
12. ROMMEK : rust [A R T S]
13. VSK : commander of nowhere [Newrhythmic]
14. RELAPSO : replant [Relapso]
15. YYYY : nn [Illegal Alien]
16. EOMAC : mika riddim [Killekill]