DT:Premiere | TWR72 – Response [Float Records]


We are huge fans of the Dutch maestros TWR72 and the relentless quality of their imprint that goes by the name of Float Records.

Check out the first half of this double pack Reflect (Part 1) that included Developer, Kwartz and Myk Derill. It’s an honour to select this original track from the guys themselves on the next instalment that enlists Markus Suckut, Samuli Kemppi and A001 on remix duty.

Response” is a whirlwind of intensity and manic power. Crunchy kicks and rough textures filling the mix get this gem going, where the synth stabs and siren-esque squeals make this a monstrous beast. Haunting organs and a tom drum providing an obscure ‘tick tock’ at the final break finish it off with great suspense.

> 01. What was the thinking behind this track and did you achieve what you set out?
Actually this track was a sort of follow up for ‘Balance.’ It was intended to sound a bit similar but with an improved character. As you can hear, the processing of the main synth is pretty much the same, but the sound on Response is a bit warmer. The overall feel is also a bit more aggressive. We were busy with a new working method at the time on how to process our sounds to give it more character and depth. Sound wise but also the rhythm of the sound. We can say that we achieved some goals on this track, but with every track we produce it’s always a surprise where it ends up.

> 02. What tips and advice can you share to any producers on shaping their own sound?
Be experimental, because there are no rules.

> 03. What is your go to track at the moment by another artist?
This a good opportunity to use some shameless promotion for our own imprint Float Records. As label owners we have the possibility to create a platform for the music we love. And there are a million ways to run a label and there are millions of decisions you can make. We feel that the Techno scene is extending in a good way and we’re trying to contribute in the development of it by giving talented producers a chance. We recently signed Fisssh and Kuf which is going pretty well. The upcoming release is by Altinbas. He did a track called “Imminent Probe” and although it’s a pretty basic track, it worked every time we played it. It was and still is our secret weapon in every set.


Vinyl – Friday 18 September 2015
Digital – Monday 28 September 2015

Float Records
FLOAT005 – TWR72 – Reflect (Part 2)

01. TWR72 – Reflect (Markus Suckut Remix)
02. TWR72 – Reflect (Samuli Kemppi Remix)
03. TWR72 – Reflect (A001 Remix)
04. TWR72 – Response

DT:Premiere | Migueru Anheru – Cities of Tomorrow [Trabet]


The excellent first release from Spanish label Trabet Records starts off a promising journey for this vinyl only venture. With none other than Oscar Mulero playing 2 tracks from it in his recent Boiler Room set and this DT:Premiere being one of those.

The track from Migueru Anheru called “Cities of Tomorrow” has a straight floor sound combined with a hypnotic and freaky atmosphere that’s brought to you by way of bells and sweeping buzzing synth stabs. Undeniably brilliant.

Released… Saturday 19 September 2015

Trabet Records
TRREC001 – Various – Fibra 01 EP

01. Elektrabel – Enter
02. Josh Larue – Interferencial 2P
03. Luis Ruiz – Tetramorph
04. Migueru Anheru – Cities of Tomorrow

DT:Premiere | InSight – Purpose One (James Jaymal Rework) [Vizion Division]


DT favourite Vizion Division, ran by Trysh Alexander in France is soon to drop it’s new release next week courtesy of Worcester, UK artist Rick Canham aka InSight and a gathering of artists native to the UK scene.

For this DT:Premiere we selected James Jaymal‘s rework of the single “Purpose One.” It’s thundering bottom end throbs and abstract yet powerful and energetic groove, really caught our attention as a killer dancefloor track.

Released… Tuesday 15 September 2015

Vizion Division
VD016 – InSight – Purpose One

01. InSight – Purpose One
02. InSight – Purpose One (Cult Harmony Rework)
03. InSight – Purpose One (James Jaymal Rework)
04. InSight – Purpose One (Retsof Rework)

DT:Premiere | Hail Blk – Space Blk [Hail Blk]


New Maltese Techno label and alias of the same name Hail Blk has been created by N.d who previously has secured a string of releases on quality labels like Trivmvirate, Joton’s Newrhythmic to Ungar’s NuLabel and this is most definitely another exciting adventure.

Space Blk” delivers an equal measure of hypnotic and energetic qualities that create a perfect balance, providing different options for it’s use. This blend of characteristics mean it’s suitable for getting a set warmed up, but not shy of being a peak time tool that will no doubt impress the masses.

Released… Monday 14 September 2015

Hail Blk
BLK001 – Hail Blk – Hail Blk

01. Hail Blk – Blk Orbit
02. Hail Blk – Infinite Blk
03. Hail Blk – Space Blk
04. Hail Blk – Blk Gad

DT:Premiere | Whitespace – Aleatory [Emote Music]


Emote Music label boss Whitespace, readies his latest EP for release next week. After we signed an EP to our very own DEAD CERT. Records it’s great to see Jacob continuing to make great beats.

Aleatory” has a strong sense of turmoil, set in with a broken beat and droning, moody synth-scapes that roar as the melody adds tension and suspense. A great opening track for those that like it a little darker and different.

> 01. What was the thinking behind this track and did you achieve what you set out?
This was the first track where I used poly rhythms and I wanted to create something with that extra layer of evolution that you hear in the best techno today. I never achieve what I set out to do when I write a track and that is both a frustration and the motivation to keep pushing myself.

> 02. What tips and advice can you share to any producers on shaping their own sound?
I have thought a lot about this question and I would like to give a piece of advice I have never heard anyone else give. Master your own tracks. You might do a terrible job but that is not the point. By going through the process of mastering, you better understand how your mix can be improved. I think it is strange that mastering is the point where everyone says to hand your music off. When I master other people’s music my goal is to do as little as possible. When you are struggling with a master that is the time to go back to the mix.

> 03. What is your go to track at the moment by another artist?
I don’t DJ so I don’t really think in terms of tracks. I listen to DJ mixes all day at work and some of my favorite artists right now are Exium, Pfirter, Reeko, and NX1. There are a lot of amazing Spanish producers out there right now!

Released… Tuesday 8 September 2015

Emote Music
EM057 – Whitespace – Postic

01. Whitespace – Postic
02. Whitespace – Postic (Aleja Sanchez Remix)
03. Whitespace – Aleatory
04. Whitespace – Pry

DT:Premiere | Construct – Module02 [Terminus Audio]


Terminus Audio from North Carolina, USA is ran by Jason Mills putting out great House and Techno music and hard to pigeon hole to one specific sound.

This DT:Premiere comes from new Milwaukee artist Construct who we have high hopes for after hearing this EP.

Module02” has a tough, floaty and stripped back sound. Laced with some engaging melodic work, this was a stand out track for us that can really draw you in and space you out.

Released… Monday 7 September 2015

Terminus Audio
TMINUS010 – Construct – Module Network EP

01. Construct – Module00
02. Construct – Module01
03. Construct – Module02

DT:Premiere | Irregular Synth – Hurricane (A-Brothers Remix) [!Organism]


For this DT:Premiere we take a look at the highly regarded Swiss label !Organism, which is ran by Yan Stricker. Their latest EP released next week comes from Irregular Synth who has already landed music on Naked Lunch, Driving Forces to Kombination Research.

Hurricane” is a stacked release both vinyl and digital and features Tom Hades, Ben Long (Space DJz), Kostas Maskalides and the remix we chose by Austrian duo A-Brothers who head up the Hybrid Confusion label.

Their remix is a club floor tyrant. Dark and devastating, the rolling beat has a touch of tribal influence that brings a different flavour over the original. Powerful and driving, this was our pick.

Released… Monday 31 August 2015

ORGA76 – Irregular Synth – Hurricane

Vinyl + Digital
01. Irregular Synth – Final Decision (Original Mix)
02. Irregular Synth – Final Decision (Tom Hades Remix)
03. Irregular Synth – Hurricane (Original Mix)
04. Irregular Synth – Hurricane (Ben Long Remix)

05. Irregular Synth – Hurricane (A-Brothers Remix)
06. Irregular Synth – Just Run (Original Mix)
07. Irregular Synth – Just Run (Kostas Maskalides Remix)
08. Irregular Synth – She’s Mandy (Original Mix)