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Label : LIMITED.G.
Artist : Various
Title : 006
Released : 28 November 2014

01. Andrea Belluzzi – 1 (Original Mix)
02. Marcus – 2 (Original Mix)
03. The Plant Worker – 3 (Original Mix)
04. XHEI – 4 (Original Mix)

This is the sixth release on the LIMITED.G. label run by Andrea Belluzzi. Andrea is well regarded in the German and worldwide scene with good reason. Having worked with artists such as Jonas Kopp, Angel Costa and Joachim Speith, whilst releasing on labels including Syneweave, Affin, Kaputt and Mechno he is in great company. The LIMITED label itself has already become known for the functional, upfront techno it puts out, which first came to my attention earlier this year; now several pieces of it’s vinyl are in my record bag. I really enjoy this format of EP – four tracks, four artists – it really gives value for money and a better depth of quality that removes that scenario of buying the EP for one track.

So, to the music.

A1” by the man himself combines clattering percussion and insistent wobbling acid over a lovely 808 kit. The track builds to a frantic crescendo and then drops into a deep space breakdown with some beautiful drawn out synth notes and sweeping acid back to the front to reintroduce the drums. All the way through there is a single percussive note tying the track together, sounding like some locator beacon flashing its signal in an empty space. Really a track to get lost in.

A2” by Marcus treads a different path. Quite an eye opener this one. It sounds quite deep initially and after a few bars it dawns on you how pacy and edgy this track really is. Full of jacked up melody and industrial scrapes and crunches, reverb and delay is used to great effect, adding just enough, but taking nothing away from the brightness of the tones. The whole lot is laid over a stomping kick drum (reminiscent of some of Mr G’s productions) and a rolling single bass note, it adds up to an immersive and energetic track. It’s very hard to describe this track properly – you should just listen to it! My pick of the release.

On the flip side, “B1” from The Plant Worker takes a hypnotic slightly overdriven loop and puts it front and centre throughout. There are some lush, understated synths in the background and a beautifully warm bassline that’s rolled along by a clean, straight up kick and classy hats. As with many good tracks, new elements are revealed within the breaks, hiding behind the beat and bass. Here we have some extra percussive elements – muted toms and what I would swear is a woodblock, though I might stand corrected. The new elements continue forward in the track and create a “wait… were they there all along?” moment, that is a hallmark of a well thought out track. Fine work.

The final cut, or “B2” by rising Argentinian artist named XHEI, is different again. The first thing that hits you is a frantic wobbling loop and pulsing laser noise dragging you down, down into the groove. Suddenly the laser sparks upwards and dissolves sublimely into a haunting melody contrasting nicely with the underlying energy. The breakdown is a crescendo of open hats and rides, then an echoing synth note that sounds like a call to action. The latter half of the track layers up more cymbals to devastating effect, along with the return of said laser noise and a couple of cheeky bass cuts with well placed single handclaps. As the track plays out further you notice the scything, scraping noise that yes, has actually been there all along. Pure class.

Another quality LIMITED.G. release to add to the collection, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what 007 brings to the table.

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DTMIX062 – Clarke Sawkill [Consett, ENGLAND]


Death Techno - Clarke Sawkill

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/// Beatport – Midicult

It will be Death Techno’s 3rd birthday in March and what a perfect way to lead up to it with a crazy mix from another North-East of England friend. This exclusive merges many bizarre styles together with dollops of old school flavour like nothing I have heard in a set before, an unbelievable addition to our archive. Clarke has had the chance to DJ with some big names while his many production guises such as Glide and Midicult, have landed on labels from USA to Russia, one track in particular “Cassini” was picked up for Nick Warren’s Global Underground Lima release. His self-named new material will reveal his identity and a new chapter, securing a release on Newcastle based Join Our Club ran by favourites People Get Real and another vinyl release due soon also. As Midicult, we have a fantastic track “Tremple Plot” signed to DEAD CERT. for our first mixed artist EP!

Death Techno – DTMIX062 – Clarke Sawkill [Consett, ENGLAND] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. STEVE LEGGET : baltic [Unreleased]
02. MINILOGUE : endlessness [Make a Beautiful Corpse]
03. BABY FORD + EON : dead eye [Plus 8]
04. RODRIGO DIAZ : without brain (Glide Remix) [22 Digit]
05. DAVID ALVARADO : auburn [Ovum]
06. FUSE : f.u.2 (Re-Edit) [Plus 8]
07. DBX : losing control [Accelerate]
08. CIO D’OR : wasserkraft [Prologue]
09. BRANDUB : harmonics (Anthea Remix) [Earlydub]
10. LFO : probe [Warp]
11. THE TRAVELLER : a100 [Ostgut Ton]
12. 2 SMOKIN’ BARRELLS : basses loaded (My Loop Edit) [Yoshitoshi]