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DTR | MONOCLI86 – Vladw – Metalica EP (incl. Alderaan & JoyB Remixes)


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Label : Monocline Records
Artist : Vladw
Title : Metalica EP
Released : 30 June 2015

01. VVVV
02. Metalica
03. Metalica (Alderaan Remix)
04. Metalica (JoyB Remix)
05. Modularia

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Monocline is an underground techno label from Lisbon, Portugal and just released “Metalica” which is an amazing EP from Argentinian producer Vladw with awesome remixes by Alderaan and JoyB making this release pretty serious stuff.

The title track starts up in the sky with a percussive and repetitive synth as the melody. It drags a low tail in the background that plays with the bass perfectly along with a compact kick completes the beat. A hard closed hat takes the top and before long I felt like I was in the middle of an intense party. Open hats and claps full of rhythm, accompany the groove until the breakdown. A pad with an electric feel expands the room just enough to divert my attention from the melody that stands alone in the middle of the mix adding a reverb and increasing pre-delay, welcoming the exploding beat again. Lurking high stabbing notes partner the claps toward the end of this amazing track.

Alderaan adds a harder cut in his remix. A faster BPM, with a pounding kick makes this tune one of my favourites. Dirty sounds coming from the growling bass bounces from the bottom end with a muted percussive melody make it hard to stay still. Driving closed hats appear, while a pad works the mids from side to side. Gradually the intense pad injects a mysterious energy that serves as a cushion to the pretty intense ride. Open hats appear cutting the air with surgical precision, while metallic and industrial textures flow through the track making it the darkest and most powerful of the bunch by far.

The remix from JoyB takes no prisoners either. A tight kick dancing with sharp bass stabs create the perfect storm that’s complimented by the looping and subdued initial melody. Gradually the lead begins to unfilter which allows stereo trails to develop that serve as a harmonious response to the undertones. Stereo clicks and scratching textures guide me through this crazy trip, whilst grainy hats fade in and out toying with your ears, making the journey more interesting and hypnotic.

Modularia” gives this release a good contrast. A tough, raw beat and laboratory bleeps take charge from the beginning. Reverberant sparks and flanged, high pitched sweeps create a great mood, but the claps that appear later on really push this track forward. An outer space, searing pad fills out the mix before the breakdown where the echoing notes develop freely. Lots of depth hidden away in the layers of this one that make for great exploring.

A wonderful collection here, showing an experienced ear of the label boss Re:Axis for bringing these amazing producers together and achieving a set of high class techno. Pieces of audio art, without any doubt.

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DTR | WCR007 : Ground-Fault-Interrupt Volume 1


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Label : Weekend Circuit
CAT# : WCR007
Artist : Various
Title : Ground-Fault-Interrupt Volume 1
Released : 8 June 2015
Format : Digital & Vinyl

01. Coldgeist – Orion Ancestors
02. Sleeparchive – Before
03. Developer – Control Room
04. Antonio De Angelis – Polar
05. Dax J – Knights Of The Round
06. P.E.A.R.L. – Cursive
07. Alderaan – Relative Way
08. Yan Cook – Hidden

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VA albums can sometimes be a hit and miss affair. Some tracks great, others not so good, and nearly always some that just aren’t your style, and this can put a bit of a dampener on your enjoyment of them. Not so with Ground-Fault-Interrupt Volume 1. This 8 tracker on the London based Weekend Circuit label features a diverse range of tracks and artists, and there’s not a single thing on it that isn’t top notch. It’s testament to label boss Michael Wells’ selecting that this is the case – the compilation covers a huge amount of ground and yet each track seduces you with its own charms. As always with an album, the music should be experienced by the listener in its entirety, but here are some things that stood out for me:

Opener “Orion Ancestors” by Coldgeist weaves a hypnotic and edgy atmosphere at a good clip, a metallic dripping sound taking centre stage at the higher, contrasting perfectly with a slowly morphing single stab lower down, and both of which are offset by an eerie, drawn out high note. Offset handclaps and a variously ticking and hissing hi-hat measure out the percussion. No breakdowns it seems, just sound building, building, building. This is a heads down, late night techno groove of the highest order.

Polar” by Antonio De Angelis marries a popping bass line with a maddening cyclic note not that always just escapes comprehension (hence the “maddening” – I found myself always hearing different nuances in it and just about grasping one when another one seemed to surface). The steady beats and chattering hats are accentuated by single bleeps, percussive accents and half heard variations in the melodies. A soft breakdown towards the end of the clip brings out the subtleties in these variations before the track drops back in.

Knights of the Round” from Dax J steps up the pace to a frantic level and piles on the intensity. Hammering kicks and pattering hi-hats never let up and the drama is brought by percussive samples and a series of gradually building synth notes in the shadowy background. Plenty of changes of emphasis every 8/16 bars keep the track moving at high speed, in a furious race to reach the next phrase. Absolute peaktime devastation.

Hidden” from Yan Cook features a beautifully realised chiming bell note at it’s heart, and this sound is expertly developed over the course of the track with harmonic notes, and subtle echo and filtering. A solid handclap line follows the regular kicks (with a cheeky little fill) and a slightly muted hat. The highlight of this track for me is the breakdown. the percussive elements gradually fade out, leaving a shining, disorientating reduction of the chiming melody to do its work on your brain – everything spins gloriously downward for a few bars before the groove re-establishes itself. Probably this is the pick of the release to my mind.

So, an absolutely essential compilation, put together by someone who clearly knows what they are doing and the direction they want to go in. A diverse collection with tracks to suit every situation, this better be part of your arsenal if you like playing modern Techno. More importantly, being Volume 1 means we can look forward to more in the future!

– Reviewed by Stuart Ingram for

WCR007 - Vinyl
WCR007 - Vinyl


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