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DT:Premiere | William Welt – Stalker [DEAD CERT. Records] (incl. Q&A)


Death Techno’s own DEAD CERT. Records began releasing digitally in 2013 and has gained huge support thus far from many of Techno’s leading tastemakers including James Ruskin, Dave Clarke, Rebekah, Cari Lekebusch and Alan Fitzpatrick charting and set listing tracks.

After much planning and patience DEAD CERT. makes a move into its first vinyl only release that features original material from label bosses William Welt & Jack! Who? along with a freaky remix from New York vinyl head DJ Spider of Plan B Recordings and Berlin’s enigmatic Killekill.

Stalker” is a dark and twisted monster, that broods from the bubbling bottom end. Added to the tension are metallic sheens and a sinister, yet dreamy atmosphere that pushes forward with a dirty groove making it a diverse production to suit different moods.

> 01. What was the thinking behind this track and did you achieve what you set out?
The track started with the bass line and a “Rip and Run” concept where I ripped samples from magazine cover CD’s and Remix Packs made publicly available online. I then used destructive effects and processes that worked on each sample until it was unrecognisable compared to its starting point. This often involved rendering audio after it had been washed in effects and chopping out the segments or one shots that I liked, then repeating the process until I was satisfied with each finished sound.

> 02. What tips and advice can you share to any producers on shaping their own sound?
I’m by no means an established producer and I think any advice I give should be taken with a pinch of salt, as I work with limited resources and quite often my production techniques are a thorough, but at times long winded and time consuming. The best advice I would give is play your music to people who you trust to be honest. It’s nice to get compliments and be told something is good, but negative feedback from impartial third parties can sometimes be the most useful. Even if it’s just food for thought and after thinking you like the original sound, but it never hurts to question your ideas and listen to others.

> 03. What is your go to track at the moment by another artist?
I listen to a wide variety of music but one of my go to artists is Suade who most people will recognise from his collaboration with Magda. They made a track called “Fixation” which came out on her Items & Things label she runs with Marc Houle and Troy Pierce. Suade is a modest man and a genuine Dr. of Techno after completing a doctorate degree in music with a thesis that specialised in Techno. Suade spent a lot of time helping me develop my sound and production ideas when I first started making music and I owe him a lot for the help he has so selflessly given.

Other more recognisable artists would include Audio Injection / Truncate as he has a dark and dancefloor focused sound, which is produced with razor sharp precision and a thick richness. He has the skill of making a little sound a lot with many of his tracks consisting of just a few well produced sounds. My tracks aren’t usually as stripped back or precise as his, but that’s why I look up to him and hope on day to equal his production skills. Audio Injection did an early remix for our DEAD CERT. Records and it was an honour to have him feature on the label.

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Released… Monday 5 October 2015

DEAD CERT. Records
DEADCERTBLACK001 – William Welt & Jack! Who? – DEADCERTBLACK001

A1. William Welt – Stalker
A2. William Welt – Stalker (DJ Spider Remix)
B1. William Welt & Jack! Who? – Creeper
B2. William Welt & Jack! Who? – Lurker

DT:Premiere | Vegim – Shadowlicker [DEAD CERT. Records]


Launching the new DT:Premiere feature on Death Techno, we introduce the leading track from DEAD CERT. Records forthcoming release.

After a few months of hold ups and a now new home based distributor in the UK, DEAD CERT. hits back with another quality underground fuelled various artist release called “Black Mail V.”

It has seen support from the likes of Pfirter, Arnaud Le Texier, Sam Paganini, Luigi Madonna, Industrialyzer, PVS, Axel Karakasis to Dave Ellesmere and Fernanda Martins.

Respected and established Techno pioneer from Southeast Europe, owner of TMM Records, Vegim brings his trademark energy to the opening track with a stabbing lead part and fearsome, thick claps that crack like thunder. The 90’s influenced digital texture and looping FX samples provide a dramatic ambience which could be described as the perfect storm.

Released Wednesday 13 May 2015.

DEAD CERT. Records
DEADCERT015 – Black Mail V

01. Vegim – Shadowlicker
02. Weterra – Vacant
03. LBERT – Flotation
04. Redial Tone – 22:22


DTMIXS22 – We Are 5 – Jack! Who?


Death Techno - Jack! Who?

J A C K ! W H O ?

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C O – O W N E R / A & R

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C R E A T O R / D I R E C T O R / D E S I G N E R

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5 Years this month since Death Techno was born with a mission of delivering fresh and creative sets from established producers to underground talent. There are many more new guests to come this year as the archive grows ever bigger. This 5th birthday celebration mix from creator Jack! Who? includes only tracks by artists that have previously appeared on the series or confirmed for the future. Inside you will also hear 2 Exclusives from DT’s label DEAD CERT. Records that are to be released soon by Vegim and Joachim Spieth. Plenty of rough, rugged and mind bending works featured by the likes of Electric Indigo, ALHEK, Rich Jones, Soolee, L.A.W, Ricardo Garduno, VSK to Eomac and many more…

Death Techno – DTMIXS22 – We Are 5 – Jack! Who? (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. ELECTRIC INDIGO : orkhon [Houztekk]
02. ALHEK : mann I’m spiegel [Wall Music]
03. DIAGENETIC ORIGIN : third dimension [Sonic Groove]
04. RICH JONES : demonic intervention [Soma]
05. VEGIM : binary trip [DEAD CERT. Records]
06. RVDE : silgaar [Black Reel]
07. FRANK SAVIO : driving bells [Driving Forces]
08. SOOLEE : tense [More Than Less]
09. L.A.W. : everest [Decoy]
10. RICARDO GARDUNO : pendulo [Blind Spot]
11. VEGIM : digital fracture (Joachim Spieth Remix) [DEAD CERT. Records]
12. ROMMEK : rust [A R T S]
13. VSK : commander of nowhere [Newrhythmic]
14. RELAPSO : replant [Relapso]
15. YYYY : nn [Illegal Alien]
16. EOMAC : mika riddim [Killekill]

DTR | DEADCERT014 : Bruno Ledesma / Ledd – New Routes of Thought (incl. Subfractal Remix)



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Label : DEAD CERT. Records
Artist : Bruno Ledesma / Ledd
Title : New Routes of Thought
Released : 22 December 2014

01. Bruno Ledesma / Ledd – New Routes (Original Mix)
02. Bruno Ledesma / Ledd – Corrosive Thoughts (Original Mix)
03. Bruno Ledesma / Ledd – Melting Process (Original Mix)
04. Bruno Ledesma / Ledd – Melting Process (Subfractal Remix)

Ledd is the new alias of Bruno Ledesma, a recent addition to the DEAD CERT. roster and is well known on the techno scene in his native Argentina. He runs the Concepto Hipnotico label, which is an outlet for deep and hypnotic techno and a forum for his creative sound experimentation. We’ve been looking forward to this release since Bruno’s second mix for us earlier this year [DTMIX087] and he has delivered in spades!

The EP bolts out of the door with “New Routes” which features a chugging rolling bass note with a wide range and depth (listen for it in the opening bars) and some of the tightest kicks I’ve heard in a while. The track is fleshed out with a muted vocal sample and echoing industrial stabs and laser type noises. Similarly tight hihats wind up the tension and keep the funk. This is a cracking first track that has already been picked up by the mighty CLR’s Tommy Four Seven for example.

Corrosive Thoughts” retains enough similarity to be obviously the same producer with a tight kickdrum, the industrial samples, but takes an entirely different groove. The bass is stripped back, the kicks more restrained, and the focus is given to dramatic sweeps of static, cyclic samples and crackling machine sounds. It sounds like the heart of some futuristic workshop – really inventive and it’s great to hear sound experimentation of this type.

On to the third track – “Melting Process.” Slower and more brooding, this one unfolds as we go through with the sense of different layers being revealed. At its heart lies a pulsing, insistent groove that is teased in and out of the fore a number of times. There’s an absolutely devastating breakdown towards the end, reverb and echo liberally applied and then the groove cranked up for the end (those hihats again). The most thoughtful tune on the release and my pick.

The EP is rounded off with the Subfractal remix of Melting Process. The Canadian duo have nudged up the BPM and mutated the bassline into a growling monster and there is great use of percussive samples here. A lesson in variety and simplicity. Ethereal, high synth notes and a nagging vocal sample add tension as the track progresses and are sure to give some hands in the air moments. This is a proper, low slung dancefloor bomb.

The EP entitled “New Routes Of Thought” is available now from Beatport. Fantastic work from this ever growing artist.

– Reviewed by Stuart Ingram for


CLICK HERE – EDR004 – Uun – Chaos Element (incl. DJ ESP Woody McBride & James Kelley Remixes)
CLICK HERE – TOKEN48 – Aphelion
CLICK HERE – DEADCERT013 – Alessan Main – Global Position (incl. Mick Finesse Remix)
CLICK HERE – EDR003 – JGarrett – Monochrome Pusher EP (incl. Luis Flores & Jay Zoney Remixes)

DTR | DEADCERT013 : Alessan Main – Global Position (incl. Mick Finesse Remix)



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The time has come… I get to comment and review something I was waiting to for a long time, I am talking about Alessan Main‘s new EP called Global Position from DEAD CERT. Records. The UK based label which keeps an eye on fresh and innovative producers from all over the world and push the boundaries as much as they can.

Global Position was released 13 October 2014 and is their newest offering, which is really special and personal for me to write about. Here we have four, forward thinking techno tracks, of which are three original mixes by Alessan Main. The one included remix is by rising American talent named Mick Finesse, who has appeared regularly on Perc Trax and is soon to be releasing a new EP on Octave’s label, the mighty Silent Steps.

As soon as I saw the release I noticed an interesting thing, all of the track titles were numbers. Taking great consideration into details is very important it seems for DEAD CERT. and it brings a kind of mystery and symbolism to the release even before you begin to listen.

10.01, Acieeed. We are beginning our ride without any long or boring drones, but straight to the business. Such a driving force behind this track, with lots of unexpected klinky-klanky stuff which breaks it up nicely. Rhythmic, groovy, energetic, I think those are the best words to describe this one. It is not the usual dark, moody or gloomy stuff, but slightly sinister and executed in an interesting way. Alessan successfully creates a fantastic rolling rhythm, that drags you along with it, that evolves through the track at just the right times. You are not able to sit still when listening to this, believe me, a great dancefloor focused track.

30.03, Darkness. This is the point where the proper darkness begins. I really love the stomping kick, which seems to singlehandedly pump the energy into the track and has to be one of my favourites on this release. There is something primal about this track, whilst being full of suspense, it builds in an extraordinary way and brings a sense of anxiety and uncertainty that is quite unique to hear. It really makes you think about what is to come next, but making you move at the same time.

Then we have a quality remix by Mick Finesse, who brings the track to a whole new level, that I would describe it as a sudden shift in composition. If you play both tracks back to back, it is like a call and response where original mix is asking a question and the remix is answering it. A pure release of energy that was built up by the previous one. It strikes you with an even more developed dark feeling and still manages to push the sound forward yet again. In my opening I proclaimed “push the boundaries” because it is pretty rare to find a really good EP that is made as a kind of a journey. The dark contrast is strong with this one.

40.04, Scary. We are on the final stage of the journey, that for me has a likeness to 10.01, but at the same time differs greatly. It is not dark or energetic, it’s insane, mad and very unexpected. This one delivers a spooky melody and creates an eerie atmosphere which is very interesting and so different from other techno tracks that I’ve heard before. Create a strong rhythm and add some moody melody and you’ve got a recipe for a very successful and innovative track.

Well done Alessan Main – well done indeed. Hats off to yourself and Mick Finesse as both you producers should be praised for displaying magnificent skills and the ability to create a journey in these tracks. The release fits together so well and the sound is amazing, fresh and driving. Hats off to DEAD CERT. too, for being able to find these kinds of producers, promote them so well and show the world that a listener can still be surprised by something new.

– Reviewed by Xetar for


CLICK HERE – EDR003 – JGarrett – Monochrome Pusher EP (incl. Luis Flores & Jay Zoney Remixes)

DTR | DEADCERT012 : Black Mail IV



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Pushing boundaries in music is really important and that can be said for any genre are you listening to or producing. It is about a certain feel, knowledge and rhythmicality. DEAD CERT. Records certainly knows how to find the right producers for the job; producers that know what make you tick, grasping the concept of “good music.” Recently I had the privilege to listen to their newest release entitled “Black Mail IV” which appears to be a strong focus of the label. It is an ongoing mixed artist series, showcasing a hand picked range of high quality tracks, each different from the last and sharing techno in its various forms to a wider audience.

Callum Plant & Carlo Ribeiro from Manchester are bringing a fairly stripped back approach on the opener, but still creating a wicked driving sound on their offering called “Demand.” You know the expression less is more? Yep, they have it sussed. I was so surprised at the attention to detail here, that proves more important than just pompous layering. Listen out for those deep and dark atmospherics which are sure to be powerful on a crowded dancefloor.

Berlin’s Mono.xID appears with a track named “Marodeur” and you have no idea how many times this track was on repeat on my player! Imagine that you are outside, dark stormy clouds are coming and you are not prepared for it, you have to run or embrace it cause the darkness is near but you don’t know from where… that’s how I would describe this track. This is my personal favourite from the EP, the element of suspense and stomping kick is perfect, together with an amazing sharp sound that attacks your ears and the use of delay is absolutely briliant! I strongly recommend to check it out, because Marodeur is a pure essence of darkness.

Then we have something totally unexpected, a very unusual kick and rhythm, you’ve simply never heard something like this before. The track is called “Chubut” where the artist Szeb lives in Argentina. If I was to describe this track in one word, I think I would have use the word “strange.” Which is by no means in a bad sense, it is strange because you are not familiar with this type of sound and in the near future you should be, because he will provide you only interesting and innovative material going by this track alone.

Now it’s time for a rather windy and ambient work by Wurtz with a track called “Great Moment” who puts Italy on the map this time. It reminds me of old detroit techno tracks, with a dark feel to it, but somewhat soothing and calming to your senses. I can really hear this track being played at dawn when the party is coming to a close and sealing the occasion. Wurtz has really impressed me here, by showing me that techno is not only about darkness and stomping kick, but also translating an atmosphere.

My final verdict for Black Mail IV? Definitely check it out. Why? Well, because some of these works are suited even for listening at home as well as tearing club system apart, others providing darkness that will make you instantly want to move. Which one you choose depends only on your tastes and your mood, but for sure you will find what you’re looking for in the newest addition to the diverse Black Mail series.

– Reviewed by Filip Zwirek for


CLICK HERE – EDR003 – JGarrett – Monochrome Pusher EP (incl. Luis Flores & Jay Zoney Remixes)

DTMIX088 – Eomac [Dublin, IRELAND]


Death Techno - Eomac

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After his album release on Berlin’s Killekill very recently and subsequent EP for Stroboscopic Artefacts, Ian McDonnell is a very busy man. Having being requested to play at Boiler Room in July with Function, Henning Baer, Cassegrain and Born In Flamez, Eomac is also one half of duo Lakker. He continues to consistently impress with an obscure and abstract take on techno that landed a huge track named “Spoock” in 2013. The Exclusive mix journeys through weird electronic soundscapes to industrial techno and beyond, tracks by Positive Centre, Mondkopf, Talker, Dronelock, AnD, James Ruskin, Stanislav Tolkachev, Caustic Window and more…

Death Techno – DTMIX088 – Eomac [Dublin, IRELAND] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. SEAN PIÑEIRO : freylock [KI Records]
02. MUSLIMGAUZE : tariq aziz [Staalplaat]
03. POSITIVE CENTRE : hiding knives [Our Circular Sound]
04. SCRASE : another (Lakker Remix) [Love Love]
05. MICK FINESSE : a shiver for koku (Mondkopf Remix) [Prosthetic Pressings]
06. TALKER : black snake [Downwards]
07. VALVED : blood on the controls (Whirling Hall of Knives Remix #2) [Trensmat]
08. DRONELOCK : clusters (part 2) [Weekend World]
09. SEAN CARPIO : kokko5 [Unreleased]
10. VALVED : tipping point (AnD Tipped Over The Edge & Back Again Remix) [Trensmat]
11. JAMES RUSKIN : shallow pool [Blueprint]
12. CAMINA : frozen souls [Unreleased]
13. STANISLAV TOLKACHEV : lost in freedom [Grassroots]
14. CAUSTIC WINDOW : afx tribal kik [Rephlex]
15. EOMAC : we are all going to die [Stroboscopic Artefacts]