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DTR | EDR006 : Complicit – Drome (incl. Annie Hall & Plane Shifter Remixes)



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Label : Eternal Drive Recordings
CAT# : EDR006
Artist : Complicit
Title : Drome (incl. Annie Hall & Plane Shifter Remix)
Released : 20 March 2014

01. Complicit – Drome 1 (Original Mix)
02. Complicit – Drome 2 (Original Mix)
03. Complicit – Hott (Original Mix)
04. Complicit – Drome 1 (Annie Hall Remix)
05. Complicit – Drome 2 (Plane Shifter Remix)

Eternal Drive Recordings hits its sixth release with this solid and varied EP from Complicit, which recruits Annie Hall and the excellent Plane Shifter (returning after his own EP on the label) to the remix action. The Canadian label has long been a favourite here at DTR and this latest release typifies their ethos of continual evolution.

The original mix of “Drome 1” is a pacy cut with some house overtones. It’s extremely well constructed using a range of atmospheric shots, horn notes and crashes to round out the rolling bassline and cyclic synth note. The standout feature for me though is the intermittent hi-hats driving the energy up and up as the track goes on.

Drome 2” plows a slightly deeper furrow with a relentless buzzing topline matched onto some heavy bass action. Time is beaten out with flat, snapping percussion and hissing to echoing cymbals that increase in pitch at each break. Simple and effective, rolling dancefloor business with absolutely no let up.

Suddenly, “Hott” takes us into heavy groove laden tech house territory – it’s breathy, chopped up vocal sample and echoing, plinking breakdowns providing some seriously danceable sounds. Stomping kickdrums (with plenty of weight) and a wobbling bassline fit the groove perfectly. Tight hi-hats keep the pace high and funky – this is a versatile cut for your collection that will work in a lot of sets.

On to the remixes, and the Annie Hall take on Drome 1 is a spacey, broken beat affair really bringing a new direction to the original. I’m reminded a little of [Ø] Phase productions and some of the Token releases in the way the haunting elements build slowly and irresistibly to a climax. This is a great example of an intelligent techno track, probably my pick of the release.

Rounding off the package, Plane Shifter wades straight in on the remix of Drone 2 – pulsating, machinistic techno with an absolute monster of a synth breakdown that just keeps going and going. When it breaks it’s like hearing the track afresh – bouncing 808s, tight percussion and that oh so addictive machine sound. Surefire dancefloor winner.

Overall this is five slabs of great electronic music with something to suit most tastes and situations. A fine addition to the catalogue at EDR and well worth your attention.

– Reviewed by Stuart Ingram for


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DTR | EDR004 : Uun – Chaos Element (incl. DJ ESP Woody McBride & James Kelley Remixes)



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Label : Eternal Drive Recordings
CAT# : EDR004
Artist : Uun
Title : Chaos Element
Released : 19 November 2014

01. Uun – Chaos Element (Original Mix)
02. Uun – Bending Mind (Original Mix)
03. Uun – Chaos Element (Woody McBride DJ ESP Remix)
04. Uun – Chaos Element (James Kelley Remix)

Uun is a producer I’ve been following with enthusiasm for some time. Also known as Ryan Malony, he made a name for himself in the Midwest USA and around the world by collaborating with the likes of Dystopian Rhythm, Sutter Cane, Andrei Morant, Monument and Reloading Records. This is his first EP on Eternal Drive Recordings.

The title track “Chaos Element” goes straight for the throat. A super clean and heavy kick drum is front and centre and that’s just as it should be – solid is too small a word for this kick. A nagging, cyclic sample does its thing in the background and leads into a break to the main body of the track. This is heads down, late night work – kicks, hats, hypnotics – with a number of sounds weaving in and out of the forefront during the course of the track, providing consistent interest. This is the standout track of the EP for me.

Bending Mind” is an excellent second track. The sound and tone is instantly recognisable from the first tune, but this is completely different. Here, chugging, booming bass is brought to the fore, with the kicks just slightly further back. This bass was meant to be dropped like a hammer and there are several drops in the track itself. For me, one of Uun’s real talents is his hihat work, and these are exceptional – fizzing with energy multilayered, energetic and varied from the start.

On to the remixes… DJ ESP aka Woody McBride shoots Chaos Element into the stratosphere with some frenetic loops underpinning the kicks and a gradually developing synth line that feels like deep space unfolding in front of you. There’s a big, synth led breakdown too.

The James Kelley take on the same track pulls the pace down a notch or two, echoing out the kicks, fattening up the bass, and adding a disturbing rattle and some hypnotising stabs. Listen carefully to those stabs – that’s where the pressure builds in this mix. This is a very good remix – sufficiently different to the original, yet retaining the elements recognisably.

Any of these four will do you proud on the dancefloor and each is an enjoyable listen in its own right. The whole is a well thought out package of powerful and intriguing techno. You can grab EDR004 from today at the links above.

– Reviewed by Stuart Ingram for


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DTR | EDR003 : JGarrett – Monochrome Pusher (incl. Luis Flores & Jay Zoney Remixes)



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It’s been a while since I have listened to good techno music. Most of today’s stuff is based on being sad, lyrical drones and I think people forgot how to make good driving techno. Well I was wrong, not everybody has forgotten what techno is about. Stompy, dark and a technical sound – this is what makes me tick and Eternal Drive Recordings latest release named “Monochrome Pusher” by Josh Garrett (aka JGarrett) was a huge surprise in this mass of dull sounding drones.

On the release you have three tracks, the original mix by Canadian JGarrett (Subspec Music owner) and two remixes by Luis Flores (Droid/CLR/Silent Steps) from Mexico and fellow Canadian, the label boss of Eternal Drive, Jay Zoney. I thought the original would be good, and the rest only filler, but oh God, I was so wrong… What we have are three hypnotic and dark vibing works that are very rhythmic and what’s more important every one of them is made in a different manner.

JGarrett brings you a classic techno flow with the elements of surprise. I must say this one is the most hypnotic and really makes you move. I really like the fact he put an effort into the small details, every loop and sound fits perfectly. What’s interesting is it’s even a little bit glitchy, bringing out the distortion that our ears really love. There is a lot of movement in this track, which is something that should be mentioned, because most of the techno around is really repetitive and boring. I know that it’s “dance music,” but hey think about some interesting variations like shown here.

When you are on your techno train and the journey is in progress then beware, because this Luis Flores remix is the next stop, I mean dark, stompy, acid. To be honest I like this track the most, because it fits my preferences, what’s more interesting is I am more into four to the floor rather than an irregular kick. The whole sound is sinister and moody, a perfect embrace of darkness which is definitely danceable. What I really like is that we have a strong rhythm, which changes drastically and the arrangement is not so typical for techno that I would describe as a full spectrum.

Okay, now we are leaving our dark place to go into space… head honcho Jay Zoney, delivers a remix that did something I thought would be impossible, he made techno sound “spacey.” I am not talking about huge amounts of reverb; I am talking about interesting timbres and arrangements, which create this atmosphere. Although I like a faster tempo, I think in this particular case the choice of BPM is perfect, it fits the mood really well. The sounds throughout are attacking you from every angle and that’s how it should be.

When it comes to technical aspects of the tracks, I have nothing against them. Clear and crisp sound that is a pure pleasure for your ears. It’s not that easy to combine many loops and make it sound good, so big ups to the guys for mixing well.

“Fresh air of darkness.” That’s how I would describe the Monochrome Pusher release from Eternal Drive. These are definitely dance music tracks that will shock the dancefloor. In my opinion this is the edge of techno that should be supported and praised, because it’s a refreshing wave of innovation and improvement in contrast to nowadays techno sadness. I hope that many will follow JGarrett, Luis Flores and Jay Zoney, it’s the right path.

– Reviewed by Filip Zwirek for