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DTMIXS18 – We Are 4 – Jack! Who?


Death Techno - Jack! Who?

J A C K ! W H O ?

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C O – O W N E R / A & R

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C R E A T O R / D I R E C T O R / D E S I G N E R

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As the final part of Death Techno’s 4th birthday month, Jack! Who? the creator of the series, delves into another Special Mix that features tracks only by past and future guests of the show. Plenty of dark, beastly and nocturnal sounds included by the likes of Mike Wall, Lex Gorrie, Hefty, Ixel, Diagenetic Origin, Ricardo Garduno, Eomac, XHEI, Rich Jones, Morgan Tomas, Rocco Caine, Wave Form and more…

Death Techno – DTMIXS18 – We Are 4 – Jack! Who? (320) by Death Techno


01. ALHEK : chemical deception [Wall Music]
02. ANDREE WISCHNEWSKI : corner cologne (Mike Wall Remix) [Patro De Musica]
03. LEX GORRIE : territory [Unknown Territory]
04. TORTURED : acidbased (Hefty Bad Trip Remix) [DEAD CERT. Records]
05. DIAGENETIC ORIGIN : council of nine [Sonic Groove]
06. IXEL : txl [favor.]
07. RICARDO GARDUNO : fear dose [Brood Audio]
08. EOMAC : spoock [Killekill]
09. CHRISTIAN FISCHER : holy mountain (XHEI Remix) [Boom Zwapp]
10. YAN COOK : drag me (Acensor Remix) [Yellow]
11. RICH JONES : fad arc [Audio Assault]
12. ZOSIMA : unconventional behaviour [Vizion Division]
13. MORGAN TOMAS : hacking [Audio Stimulation]
14. BRUNO LEDESMA : new routes [DEAD CERT. Records]
15. ROCCO CAINE : code sui [Driving Forces]
16. WAVE FORM : evolving disorder [Brood Audio]

DTR @ Illusion Sound, London | Kr!z – Material Object – Morgan Tomas – Hefty (19.07.13)


DTR (Death Techno Review) is a new feature we would like to introduce to our website, where we can share our experiences of selected gigs we attend up and down the UK with our fans and beyond, taking a closer look at some of the quality events out there.

We launch with a club night we first visited in March 2013, where we saw Octave, Chris Page & Morgan Tomas, who was featured on Death Techno recently (DTMIX063) and had such a great night, we had to go back…

Illusion Sound @ Crucifix Lane, London

KR!Z (Token Records)
MORGAN TOMAS (Reloading Records/Illusion Sound)
HEFTY (Darker Sounds/HEX/Dark and Sonorous)

DTR - Illusion Sound
DTR - Illusion Sound

DTR - Illusion Sound

HEFTY was an early guest to Death Techno back in 2010 (DTMIX014), so was it was an absolute pleasure to finally get to see him play. He kicked off the night at 11pm with his signature dungeon-esque sounds, setting the scene perfectly with plenty of darkness and enough funk to start the crowd dancing.

DTR - Illusion Sound

MORGAN, Reloading Records bossman and Illusion Sound resident followed on superbly, after just a short introduction he really started letting loose dropping some hellish grooves that really got us excited and lifted the whole place into party mode. Below is the recording of his set which is available for download also.

Morgan Tomas @ Illusion Sound, London (19.07.13)

DTR - Illusion Sound

KR!Z kept it rolling all night with some extraordinary, relentless, percussive techno throughout his whole set, utilising vinyl and CDJs to a tee. Constantly keeping the vibe on the level and when he felt like it, throwing in some curve balls for good measure.

DTR - Illusion Sound

MATERIAL OBJECT finished up fantastically by piecing together banging, driving multi-track loops then near the end delivered some slightly more melodic rhythms that were timed to perfection. Ending his set on a personal favourite – Rrose : Waterfall [Sandwell District]

An unforgettable night, you could feel it in the air, experiencing greatness first hand. All the guests showed their class and expertise, being on top form start to finish. After surviving the ride back to the North-East of England we booked our trains back to London the next day for Illusion Sound in September. See you then!

– Jack! Who? & Daavneeq

Other events to be featured on DTR this year will be…

– FRIDAY September 27 @ Illusion Sound, London – Octave, Kyle Geiger, Howski

DTMIX014 – Hefty [London, ENGLAND]


Death Techno - Hefty

We’ve had this mix lined up for months now, created specifically for the Death Techno Mix Series. London based Hefty, has a great ear for dark, dungeon style Techno/Minimal which you’ll no doubt pick up instantly. Going by the success it’s had on his SoundCloud with nearly 5,000 plays n over 150 comments we’re confident you’ll be feeling this sick mix too!

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Twitter :


Tracklist :

01. HEFTY : no escape [Unsigned]
02. HEFTY : parasitic organism [Unsigned]
03. LOGOTECH : blind [Naked Lunch]
04. SIDE B : hazakura (Alex Bau Remix) [Hysterical]
05. PLANKTON & ALEJANDRO TREBOR : tonkass (Rene Walther Remix) [Amazone]
06. ADRENALINOMAN : third eye (Fallhead Remix) [Enter]
07. SUBFRACTAL : archlekt [Sleaze UK]
08. HUGO PALXAO & JASON FERNANDES : prehistoric [Nutempo]
09. JASON FERNANDES : mask the expression [Don’t Look Productions]
10. FLINSCH ‘N’ NIELSON : effekthascher []