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DT:Premiere | Mike Gervais – Cut And Thrust [SYSTEM]


This DT:Premiere is taken from the third release by Minneapolis, USA label and regular party thrower called SYSTEM, that has had some Techno royalty visiting like Regis, Drumcell, Speedy J, Anthony Parasole to Joel Mull and many more.

The forthcoming release is a solo package from label boss Mike Gervais and the track we picked out is “Cut And Thrust” for its wonderfully worked hypnotic melody and suspenseful attitude that is sure to mesmerise. It uses a subtle energetic groove that makes it suitable for any DJ set as secret weapon.

> 01. What was the thinking behind this track and did you achieve what you set out?
No special dramatic reasoning or soul searching behind this one. Just drinking some espresso and kicking around ideas for something I could use in my own DJ sets.

> 02. What tips and advice can you share to any producers on shaping their own sound?
Still looking for tips myself… ha. How about this one…. Don’t be distracted with the fire hose of new gear, VSTs, and this or that. Find something you like, learn all of it’s nuances and speak your own voice through it.

> 03. What is your go to track at the moment by another artist?
There’s obviously too many to boil it all down into a singular track, but here’s one that’s been doing it for me lately: Mark Henning – Dust [Soma]

Released… Monday 21 September 2015

SYSTEM03 – Mike Gervais – On My Own EP

01. Mike Gervais – On My Own
02. Mike Gervais – Cut And Thrust
03. Mike Gervais – Relax

DTR | MISTRESS005.3 : The Redhead



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Label : Mistress Recordings
Artist : Various
Title : The Redhead
Released : 2 March 2015
Format : Vinyl & Digital

E1. Nutype – Noisy Ride
E2. Mike Gervais – Grind
F1. Opinion – Autobahnkirche
F2. A&S – Xenix

Mistress is the offshoot of DVS1‘s main label HUSH, where the Minneapolis artist explores the more pioneering sounds of house and techno, from producers pushing at the boundaries of genres. Appearing as heavyweight 10″ & 12″ with high quality packaging as well as downloads, these are essential items for your collection even before you get to the music.

E1. Nutype – “Noisy Ride”
Nutype presents a thick rolling bass and shaker hi hats that pin down the other elements of the track. There are handclaps, knocks, subtle squirts of acid and chopped and delayed vocal samples arranged in a complex yet measured way. The breakdowns are of particular note, emphasising the absence (rather than the presence) of these elements with subtle sweeping sounds. Heads down business and very good.

E2. Mike Gervais – “Grind”
Mike is a producer I’ve a lot of respect for and his contribution to this EP, ‘Grind’ is a classic workout of pacy drums and atmospheric, breathy synths. There is a subtle and maddening build of tension in the long breakdown as the synth elements work their way up from the depths and slowly overwhelm the percussion. The tension is kept high by an evolving sample and tight, fast hi hats pulling things onwards. This is powerful and intelligent techno.

F1. Opinion – “Autobahnkirche”
This track is a different beast altogether. Stripped back, flat beats let the background pops, crackles and scrapes breathe providing some some machine funk, but this track is all about the plucked harmony and dubby stabs. It’s beautifully and simply done, and accented at various points by small changes in the percussive parts and echoing shots. Again, the subtlety of the production shines through.

F2. A&S – “Xenix”
I wasn’t prepared for this hyped up, jacking tune but what a pleasure to find it here! Nestling behind the thundering beats and hats is the sort of fattened, burbling funk that’s simply irresistible on a dancefloor. The track oozes classic analogue warmth and arrangement, opening up hi hats and emphasising snares and handclaps as it flies onwards. The simple top line of just 3 notes repeating over and over rounds it out perfectly and provides lightness to re weight below it. Surefire club destroyer and my pick of the bunch.

Mistress is one of those labels that sets itself apart from the crowd with the variety of its releases and the roster of artists it supports. If it’s not on your radar then it should be, and 5.3 is a great place to start.

You checkout the whole Mistress 5 collection below including 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3.

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