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DTMIX076 – Remy Kruyer [Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS]


Death Techno - Remy Kruyer

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DEAD CERT. Records artist Remy, has been making waves recently having his recent EP feature top artists Heron & Miss Sunshine on remix duty, with his latest remix coming soon alongside Hans Bouffmyhre and the DEAD CERT. bosses. Also this year his tracks have seen releases on Wall Music and Parlez Music, sister label to Rebekah’s Decoy Records. There are more treats planned for next year so keep your ears peeled. His exclusive mix reflects a high class top to bottom and a venture into the past for some vinyl gems, tracks by Pfirter & Flug, Marco Carola, Steve Rachmad aka Sterac, Samuli Kemppi, Patrick Siech, Mattias Fridell, Function & Jerome Sydenham with many more…

Death Techno – DTMIX076 – Remy Kruyer [Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. REMY KRUYER : secret park [Unreleased]
02. PFIRTER & FLUG : blacksmoke [Stockholm LTD]
03. CALCULUS : silurus (Patrick Siech Amnesia Mix) [Octopus]
04. ON/OFF : faker (Sneaky Dub) [Unreleased]
05. MARCO CAROLA : diapason [Zenit]
06. STERAC : completed [Ion]
07. REMY KRUYER : killer on the road (Jeff Rushin Remix) [Parlez Music]
08. CARI LEKEBUSCH : pinnacle of desolation [H-Productions]
09. SAMULI KEMPPI : hostile [Komisch]
10. MARCO BAILEY : frontline (Patrick Siech Remix) [Rhythm Converted]
11. MATTIAS FRIDELL : restrictive influence [Gynoid Audio]
12. NIHAD TULE & LASSEMAN : craving [Sleaze]
13. MATTIAS FRIDELL : temporal axis [Gynoid Audio]
14. PLANETARY ASSAULT SYSTEMS : gt (Function & Jerome Sydenham Remix) [Mote Evolver]
15. FELIX LORUSSO : obey (M.A.D.A & Plankton Remix) [Cirque du Minimaliste]

DTMIX051 – Klauz_b [Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS]


Death Techno - Klauz_b

Podcast #51, a debut from Klaas Bruin, is a deep, glitchy, techno ride that marries an old school and modern vibe seamlessly. Plenty of progressive darkness with hypnotic, funk-fuelled dance floor antics and a rolling style throughout. You can tell he has a clear idea of style and solid mixing experience to match. Awesome tracks from Shifted, Bas Mooy, Surgeon, Logotech, Unbalance, Raíz, Markus Suckut and Developer are certain to impress your ears…

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Death Techno – DTMIX051 – Klauz_b [Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. SHIFTED : yearning [Mote Evolver]
02. KANGDING RAY : pruitt igoe rise [Raster-Noton]
03. KALON : haiku (Female Edit) [Sandwell District]
04. SILENT SERVANT : el mar (Svreca Remix 2) [Semantica]
05. FANON FLOWERS : chicago-detroit (part 3) [Studio Sound]
06. IORI : floating matter [Semantica]
07. REEKO : segmento 2 [Mental Disorder]
08. STANISLAV TOLKACHEV : rudiment 5 [Subsist Digital]
09. BAS MOOY : fasad [Perc Trax]
10. OSCAR MULERO : disinformation [Warm Up]
11. NX1 : nx1 02 005 [NX1]
12. SURGEON : those who do not [Dynamic Tension]
13. LOGOTECH & UNBALANCE : bohemian grove (Giorgio Gigli Remix) [Gynoid Audio]
14. UNBALANCE : fluid (Manzel Remix) [Mutex]
15. PERTHIL & AERTS : stimulating hormone (Markus Suckut Remix) [Authentic Pew]
16. RAIZ & TRUNCATE : flux [Droid]
17. STEPHEN BROWN : nedds fixed [Indigo Aera]
18. ARCHETYPE : persistence of vision [Black Nation]
19. ARCHITECTURAL : looking ahead [Semantica]
20. DEVELOPER : sin luz [Semantica]
21. PHASE : binary opposition (Inigo Kennedy Process) [Token]

DTMIX050 – Smollkid [Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS]


Death Techno - Smollkid

We decided to entrust the half a century milestone in Thomas after hearing his Mixcloud works and we certainly got what we wished for. Ripping from start to finish, it’s a no holds barred barrage of dark techno that is simply fantastic. Encompassing fierce tracks that will have you gasping and cringing with the utmost of joy while they rattle your eardrums. Tracks from Quivver, Tom Hades, Sasha Carassi, Milano, Lorenzo D’Ianni and our Glaswegian neighbours Elbodrop. Enjoy the brutal beats from Amsterdam!

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Death Techno – DTMIX050 – Smollkid [Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. B.TWIST : rise to change your life [Aenaria Tribal]
02. REFRACTION : t receptor [Freitag Limited]
03. QUIVVER : here’s this (Alexander Kowalski remix) [microCastle]
04. LUIGI MADONNA : savana [Drumcode]
05. BODYSCRUB : remote kontrol [Phobiq]
06. ANGY KORE : life is space (Tom Hades Remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
07. DARPA : sharp knife (Andres Gil & Marck D Remix) [Finetool]
08. MAXENCE & MIKE RUD : cuba [Italo Business]
09. MICROCHEEP & MOLLO : neocube (Elbodrop Remix) [Hi Tek]
10. TASTER PETER : phenom (Sasha Carassi Remix) [Harthouse]
11. DANIELE CROCENZI & THE REBBY SHOW : dunkel (Marco Asoleda & Roman Kramer Remix) [Elektrax]
12. MILANO : wasteland [Turbo]
13. DANDI & UGO : dark side (Lorenzo D’Ianni Remix) [Techno League]
14. URON : incondition [Road Trip]

DTMIX036 – Reggy van Oers [Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS]


Death Techno - Reggy van Oers

Super pleased to feature Mr. van Oers on DT with an Exclusive mix featuring tracks from Daegon, Pfirter, Terence Fixmer, Phil Kieran and our man Positive Merge. I’ve been tracking his releases since hearing his Remix for Marko on Affin in 2008. His music is deep, serious and fun at the same time, a hard thing to capture, which makes it so unique and attractive. Having Remixers like Hans Bouffmyhre, Apoll and BCR Boys chipping in, the future for Reggy just gets better and better churning out very interesting and consistently high quality productions.

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Death Techno – DTMIX036 – Reggy van Oers [Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. DEVELOPER : edificio [Modularz]
02. TERENCE FIXMER : concept c [Electric Deluxe]
03. SANDWELL DISTRICT : live in berlin [ePM Music]
04. PFIRTER : universe [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
05. COETER ONE : quadrat (Daegon Remix) [Machine Box]
06. PATRICK GIL : crabtree (Deepstrike Remix) [Gynoid Audio]
07. CHRIS PAGE : myi5 [Affin]
08. DARKCELL : inertia (Ascion Remix) [Gynoid Audio]
09. PHIL KIERAN & JOCHEM PAAP : paint and chemicals dept. [Electric Deluxe]
10. FOREST PEOPLE : erelim (Positive Merge Remix) [Android Muziq]

DTMIX034 – Doctor Space [Amersfoort, NETHERLANDS]


Death Techno - Doctor Space

One word HEAVY! A fierce, sinister and driving underground techno ride Exclusive for DT. Made with an ear for madness and darkness containing unbelievable and quite frankly exciting rhythms. Without a doubt put together with passion and class that comes with years of experience. Tracks from Mowree, Cari Lekebusch, Tony Montana, Andreas-Tek, Folker Zwart and more…

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Tracklist :

01. MOWREE : the big hologram (Instrumental Mix) []
02. CHRIS COLBURN : up the ante [8 Sided Dice]
03. ANDREAS-TEK : mercury [Elektrax]
04. M.I.D.I. : the bien (Snello Remix) [Phobiq]
05. TONY MONTANA : clocks [Chroma]
06. WOO YORK & VEGIM : autobahn [Elektrax]
07. CARI LEKEBUSCH : entanglement [Drumcode]
08. FOLKER ZWART : perron nul [Different Is Different]
09. NICK CENIK : bottom floor horror (Ricardo Garduno Remix) [Teggno]
10. GAS (FR) : memory [PlusEins]
11. MATT BUSSE : drop your (Static Sense Remix) [Unofficial]
12. SPIROS KALOUMENOS : lost and found (Sutter Cane Remix) [Impact Mechanics]
13. DJ HI-SHOCK : mental power [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
14. QUANTIC SPECTROSCOPY : arsenic atmosphere (Sebastian Groth Remix) [ReWashed LDT]