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• NEWS • We are 4!

DT We are 4

4 years have most definitely flown by, but they do say we must be having fun and it’s absolutely true. Here is a breakdown of happenings and the things to look forward to…

Promoting established artists we are digging and DJ talent has always been the focus for us, showcasing great music. We continue to receive messages of support from fans around the world, even one person saying “Don’t change!” This is the key I find, keeping the same template and letting the music speak for itself, allowing the right people to find us.

Proving this theory, we were recently contacted by producer and friend Andreas-Tek who curates a brand new channel on the world renowned net radio site Digitally Imported (or simply called Underground Techno. You can catch our repeat shows being scheduled bi-weekly Saturday’s around 4:30-6:00pm GMT.

The premiere broadcast of each mix can always be heard online bi-weekly via Radio in Germany.

– This official site has over 39,000 views since launching in November 2010

SoundCloud is now over 3,631 Followers
Facebook Page has 2,751 Likes
Twitter has 525 Followers
Mixcloud has 607 Followers

To help celebrate our 4th birthday, there are 2 mixes lined up, a 2hr 22mins Exclusive LIVE recording from Marcus Reichel in Brandenburg, Germany. In the next couple of weeks will be my annual Special Mix Series set featuring artists that have previously been guests or to appear in the future on Death Techno, to show appreciation for their work and taking part in this project.

Our schedule is rammed as usual… over the coming months we have Exclusive sets to feature from Israel Toledo, ALHEK, Bruno Ledesma, XHEI, Lex Gorrie, Eomac and Affin label boss Joachim Spieth just to scratch the surface…

DEAD CERT. Records

Our label DEAD CERT. Records that began releasing in July 2013 has the 7th instalment due March 13 from the fantastic Energun. Plenty of music is in the pipeline from more great artists that are to be revealed with some even more special news to announce later in the year… Below you can listen to some previews and check out our links…

Thanks for all the continued support!


Jack! Who? B-)

D E A D C E R T . R e c o r d s

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DEADCERT007 : Energun – Psychology

DEADCERT006 : Various – Red Letter

DTMIX079 – Means&3rd [Manchester, ENGLAND]


Death Techno - Means&3rd

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Fresh off the back of a recent Boiler Room set, Ben aka Means&3rd was asked to whip up an Exclusive for Death Techno. Based in Manchester, he works at the legendary vinyl establishment Eastern Bloc Records that will soon be celebrating 30 years of business in 2015. To add to this last year he secured residency at Bohemian Grove events held at Islington Mill, Salford. This 100% vinyl mix is a tight roller coaster ride, switching up techno styles and holding a live set feel throughout. Featuring tracks by Unbalance, Prince of Denmark, Skudge, Fred P, Manni Dee, Jonas Kopp, Ritzi Lee, Inigo Kennedy and more…

Death Techno – DTMIX079 – Means&3rd [Manchester, ENGLAND] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. UNBALANCE : get up [Unbalance]
02. PRINCE OF DENMARK : cut 02 [Giegling]
03. YOUNG MALE : lost my e [Work Them]
04. SKUDGE : eleven [Skudge]
05. FRED P : splitting particles [The Corner]
06. MANNI DEE : serenity [Perc Trax / Pole Group]
07. ANTIGONE : the melody [Children Of Tomorrow]
08. SLEEPARCHIVE : A Man Dies In The Street PT.1 (Locked Groove) [Tresor]
09. PRIS : blind [Resin]
10. L.B. DUB CORP aka LUKE SLATER : take it down (In Dub) [Ostgut Ton]
11. TRUNCATE : diffraction [Jonas Kopp Remix) [Modularz]
12. RITZI LEE : detect signal [Belief System]
13. LAG : sama doma [Mord]
14: ANDY STOTT : night jewell [Modern Love]
15: OUTLINE : encounter [Blueprint]
16: INIGO KENNEDY : emitter [Token]

DTMIX078 – Kelvin On [Stuttgart, GERMANY]


Death Techno - Kelvin On

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Celebrating the 50th show since Death Techno partnered with sees Kelvin On drop some tripped out hypnotic techno sounds. He regularly gigs around Europe employing a deep, powerful and dirty sound that translates to killer club sets that has definitely left a lasting impression on this Exclusive. Tracks from Lucy, Mark Morris, Hans Bouffmyhre, Audio Injection, Drumcell, Truncate, Ben Sims, Subjected, Sawlin, Moerbeck and many more…

Death Techno – DTMIX078 – Kelvin On [Stuttgart, GERMANY] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. RROSE : waterfall (Lucy Remix) [EAUX]
02. MANUEL DI MARTINO : circular motion (Mark Morris Amazone’s Mix) [Ketra]
03. HANS BOUFFMYHRE : mental state [8 Sided Dice]
04. LEX GORRIE : drug raid (Audio Injection Remix) [Driving Forces]
05. TRUNCATE : transients (Drumcell Remix) [Truncate]
06. GARY BECK : ars poetica (Ben Sims Remix) [Bek Audio]
07. MISS SUNSHINE : ground loop [Decoy]
08. 3PHAZEGENERATOR : black lilac (Audio Injection Remix) [Freitag Limited]
09. SUBJECTED : 005.3 [Vault Series]
10. SAWLIN : mandeltone [Vault Series]
11. LUCY : beautiful people [Mote Evolver]
12. SUBJECTED : ms.20 [Vault Series]
13. OSCAR MULERO : transversal (Sleeparchive Remix) [Modularz]
14. MOERBECK : in my brane [Mechanisms Industries]
15. MARCEL FENGLER : enigma [Ostgut Ton]

DTMIX077 – Rich Jones | Operator [Portsmouth, ENGLAND]


Death Techno - Rich Jones | Operator


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Gnosis Records owner, Rich Jones (aka Operator) has been creating techno for over 10 years now, slowly building a solid reputation for floor-destroying hypnotic techno tools. Releases on Alan Fitzpatrick’s 8 Sided Dice, Richie Hawtin’s Minus and Slam’s Soma Records imprint helped to widen exposure to his trademark hypnotic, percussive style over the years and he has gone onto become a well known production name in the world of Techno. More recently, a move into deeper territory as Operator saw the launch of his own label Gnosis, and his tracks landing on Bas Mooy’s legendary imprint Audio Assault. Rich continues to evolve his deep, yet tough, hypnotic sound, and we can look forward to more releases from him on Gnosis, Audio Assault, Soma and other select imprints in the future. He was invited recently to Remix Mael : Insulate on Death Techno’s DEAD CERT. Records which has been included in this Exclusive studio mix for a first preview. The mix (like his DJ style) is relentless, textured, quickly evolving, hypnotic and features plenty of unreleased tracks by himself, along with works from Marcel Dettmann, ROD, Sleeparchive, Exium, Yuuki Sakai, Spherical Coordinates, Lucy and Shifted…

Death Techno – DTMIX077 – Rich Jones | Operator [Portsmouth, ENGLAND] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. RICH JONES : mobius trip [Unreleased]
02. MARCEL DETTMANN : soar [Ostgut Ton]
03. SUB SPACE : sixteen (locked groove 16) [Minimalizm]
04. OPERATOR : calyx [Gnosis]
05. DIEGO & VOCO DERMAN : imbalanced [Kanzleramt]
06. ROD : hux [Klockworks]
07. SLEEPARCHIVE : 6 [Tresor]
08. OPERATOR : born into bondage [Gnosis]
09. WIRE : word [Mord]
10. EXIUM : wolf-rayet [Nheoma]
11. SLEEPARCHIVE : 7 [Tresor]
12. OPERATOR : forward flow [Gnosis]
13. YUUKI SAKAI : cigarette [Warm Up]
14. OPERATOR : paradigm shifter 1 [Gnosis]
15. SPHERICAL COORDINATES : scfls-17 [Token]
16. THE ADVENT : sketcherz main [Tresor]
17. SLEEPARCHIVE : 5 [Tresor]
18. LUCY : 201 phasing [CLR]
19. MAEL : insulate (Rich Jones Remix) [DEAD CERT. Records]
20. YUUKI SAKAI : cigarette (Edit) [Unreleased]
21. OPERATOR : middle ground [Gnosis]
22. SHIFTED : wash over me [Bed Of Nails]

DTMIX076 – Remy Kruyer [Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS]


Death Techno - Remy Kruyer

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DEAD CERT. Records artist Remy, has been making waves recently having his recent EP feature top artists Heron & Miss Sunshine on remix duty, with his latest remix coming soon alongside Hans Bouffmyhre and the DEAD CERT. bosses. Also this year his tracks have seen releases on Wall Music and Parlez Music, sister label to Rebekah’s Decoy Records. There are more treats planned for next year so keep your ears peeled. His exclusive mix reflects a high class top to bottom and a venture into the past for some vinyl gems, tracks by Pfirter & Flug, Marco Carola, Steve Rachmad aka Sterac, Samuli Kemppi, Patrick Siech, Mattias Fridell, Function & Jerome Sydenham with many more…

Death Techno – DTMIX076 – Remy Kruyer [Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. REMY KRUYER : secret park [Unreleased]
02. PFIRTER & FLUG : blacksmoke [Stockholm LTD]
03. CALCULUS : silurus (Patrick Siech Amnesia Mix) [Octopus]
04. ON/OFF : faker (Sneaky Dub) [Unreleased]
05. MARCO CAROLA : diapason [Zenit]
06. STERAC : completed [Ion]
07. REMY KRUYER : killer on the road (Jeff Rushin Remix) [Parlez Music]
08. CARI LEKEBUSCH : pinnacle of desolation [H-Productions]
09. SAMULI KEMPPI : hostile [Komisch]
10. MARCO BAILEY : frontline (Patrick Siech Remix) [Rhythm Converted]
11. MATTIAS FRIDELL : restrictive influence [Gynoid Audio]
12. NIHAD TULE & LASSEMAN : craving [Sleaze]
13. MATTIAS FRIDELL : temporal axis [Gynoid Audio]
14. PLANETARY ASSAULT SYSTEMS : gt (Function & Jerome Sydenham Remix) [Mote Evolver]
15. FELIX LORUSSO : obey (M.A.D.A & Plankton Remix) [Cirque du Minimaliste]

DTMIX075 – Dextar [Kobbeln, GERMANY]


Death Techno - Dextar

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Dextar is the man behind a net radio station ran from Germany that launched in 2011 and has become synonymous with quality techno from around the world, hand picking the mixes and content programmed on it. Death Techno became a major ingredient for the station, securing a partnership in January 2012. As a DJ, Dextar has a solid background in club events and played many gigs around Germany, proving his understanding of techno above many mere mortals out there, consistently rolling out sets with a tailored funk and reassuring high class at all times. Tracks from Ben Klock, Monoloc, Remy Kruyer, Kwartz, Ixel, Petter B, Developer, Jerome Sydenham and more…

Death Techno – DTMIX075 – Dextar [Kobbeln, GERMANY] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. BEN KLOCK : subzero [Ostgut Ton]
02. MONOLOC : try (Monoloc Edit) [CLR]
03. HERZ BASS : ix12 (Remy Kruyer Remix) [DEAD CERT. Records]
04. PVS : compuvox (Kwartz Remix) [Gynoid Audio]
05. IXEL : txl [favor.]
06. JOHAN AFTERGLOW : prioritaire (Petter B Remix) [Packed Music]
07. REMY KRUYER : killer on the road [Parlez Music]
08. DEVELOPER : drive themes [Mote Evolver]
09. PFIRTER : crash [MindTrip]
10. JEROME SYDENHAM : tonto [Apotek]
11. PETTER B : edit pilaf [H-Productions]
12. DBX : losing control (Remastered Original Mix) [Accelerate]

• NEWS • DT x

DT x

I can now officially announce our new partnership with, a high quality, independent, 24/7 internet radio station based in Hamburg & Berlin, Germany that share our ideals and hunger for quality electronic dance music where everything broadcast is hand picked.

They, like us, started out in events and progressed into a new avenue with a worldwide audience. Playing phenomenal mixes by some of our buddies and putting together a high calibre squad of talent that we are proud to be a part of…

– The insane Dark-Material Podcast
– The devastating Splatter
– A exclusive by Daegon
– The mastermind that is Rocco Caine
– A live set from Gregor Tresher at Berghain
– A DJ mix from legend Stephan Bodzin
and some of the finest house I’ve ever heard!

(click to listen live – flash player)
Deep House / Minimal / Techno
Progressive Trance

To launch this new venture will be my “Xmas Minimal 2011” mix that was held back due to sickness over the Christmas period, so I’m very happy to finally release it!

We will be premiering each new mix on the “Death Techno Show” I guess you could say, programmed for every other Friday, starting January 20th at 9-10pm | 10-11pm CET.

They will be available in high quality mp3 to listen and download on our SoundCloud shortly after.

We’ve already had a banner on their site for a couple months now and stats are 26,876 views with 215 clicks, which is fantastic!

A massive thanks to Dextar & Ronny Gee for getting us involved!

Jack! Who?

Keep up to date…

S O E . F M

Facebook Acc : soefm.radiostation
Facebook Page : soefmradio
SoundCloud :
Twitter :
Website :

Another taster of the mix to come…

MISS SUNSHINE : unmold [Bondage]