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DTMIX070 – Re:Axis [Lisbon, PORTUGAL]


Death Techno - Re:Axis

R E : A X I S

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All round top notch producer, Re:Axis has released on such labels as Autist, Divided, Frucht, FVF, SK Supreme, Prosthetic Pressings, Miro Pajic’s Lazerslut and many more. In addition, José heads up Monocline Records that has been releasing mainly minimal techno music since 2008, flaunting many high quality artists in their outstanding catalogue. Dripping with his signature funk and futuristic sounds, the mix is a specially made treat full of his own works, exciting unreleased material and a touch of class to finish…

Death Techno – DTMIX070 – Re:Axis [Lisbon, PORTUGAL] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. RE:AXIS : through my mind [Doma Musique]
02. RE:AXIS : exchanges [Unreleased]
03. RE:AXIS : human drama [Unreleased]
04. AFFKT : under your skin [Suruba]
05. ERIC VOLTA : rez-shifter (Maceo Plex Remix) [K7]
06. RE:AXIS : he’s funky [Monocline]
07. SANTÉ & SIDNEY CHARLES : butt head [SCI+TEC]
08. TV BABY : new york is alright (Maetrik Remix) [Ellum Audio]
09. AFFKT : hellraiser [Sincopat]
10. JON RUNDELL & DIGITAL PRIMATE : lost control [Intec]
11. RE:AXIS : eternal clock [Unreleased]
12. RE:AXIS : glide [Unreleased]
13. ALBERTO PASCUAL & LUIGI MADONNA : somewhere in berlin [Analytictrail]
14. RESET ROBOT : false widow [Truesoul]
15. RE:AXIS : the big hole [Unreleased]
16. RICKY EBNER : of my soul [Shinocs Music]
17. KOHRA : dream machine (Re:Axis’ Dreaming Remix) [Monocline]
18. CARI LEKEBUSCH & NIMA KHAK : steampunk [H-Productions]
19. TOM HADES : horse (Ray Kajioka’s Wild Meat Mix) [Girafe Sauvage]
20. RON COSTA : mrr the addict [Potobolo]
21. IDA ENGBERG : burn out [Truesoul]
22. THOMAS SCHUMACHER : rotor [Spiel-Zeug]
23. BOARDS OF CANADA : sundown [Warp]

DTMIX068 – Joe Demateis [Naples, ITALY]


Death Techno - Joe Demateis

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Joe Demateis aka Highest & Joe returns for his hat-trick appearance offering up a deep, rolling and funky Exclusive. Displaying some really interesting grooves with some atmospheric vibes throughout and overall party vibe perfect for the summer. Throwing in some of his own productions that really stand out amongst the heavy hitters like Pig & Dan, Shlomi Aber, Joel Mull and Nicole Moudaber…

Death Techno – DTMIX068 – Joe Demateis [Naples, ITALY] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. SHLOMI ABER : mancha [Desolat]
02. HIGHEST SOUND LEVELS : angels of ghetto (Eclectic Vision) [Highest Sound Levels]
03. JOEL MULL : rimson [Drumcode]
04. D-UNITY : roots (Hollen Remix) [Beat Therapy]
05. NICOLE MOUDABER : come and lay [Drumcode]
06. NICOLE MOUDABER : movin’ on [Drumcode]
07. PIG & DAN : mamasita [Elevate]
08. MARCO BAILEY vs. FILTERHEADZ : mansion [Bedrock]
09. NICOLE MOUDABER feat. HOSIE : in the mood (Nicole Moudaber Rework) [Mood]
10. HIGHEST & JOE : future Jazz [Giraphone]

DTMIX064 – Adrian Richter [Frankfurt, GERMANY]


Death Techno - Adrian Richter

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Up this week is a devastating and pounding trip from a Frankfurt local and first time guest to Death Techno. Adrian knows how bang it out with some heavy beats, showing exactly what the dark side is all about. He gigs regularly around Germany with BassAudienz booking agency that is earmarked to become a record label in the near future. The set really blasts your brains and is a real peak time showcase. Featuring tracks by A. Mochi, Sebastian Groth, Hackler & Kuch, Mike Humphries, Cortechs, Peja, Alexander Kowalski and many more…

Death Techno – DTMIX064 – Adrian Richter [Frankfurt, GERMANY] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. A. MOCHI : black reigns [Figure]
02. MYLER : damaged [Shout]
03. RADIO SLAVE, DUBFIRE, CORTECHS, SEBASTIAN GROTH : grindfractor (Sebastian Groth Destruct Bootleg) [Free Download]
04. REFRACTION : lost in my mind (Hackler & Kuch Remix) [Freitag Limited]
05. MICROCHEEP & MOLLO : warped phoniq [De-Konstrukt]
06. KNOBS : atavic (Mike Humphries remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
07. ALEJANDRO TREBOR : ghost (Cortechs Remix) [ReWashed LDT]
08. R-PLAY : insert (Peja remix) [Amazone]
09. MANUEL PISU : black mental [Shout]
10. ALEX BAU : noise a (Alan Fitzpatrick remix) [Sleaze]
11. MICROCHEEP & MOLLO : emilia romagna [FootMusicRecords]
12. DENIS UNDERGROUND : bunker [ReWashed LDT]
13. ALEXANDER KOWALSKI : speaker attack [Kanzleramt]

DTMIX063 – Morgan Tomas [Paris, FRANCE]


Death Techno - Morgan Tomas


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What a treat to have the master of one of the most distinctive labels around and also a French debut for Death Techno. Reloading Records has just been reborn with a rebrand and superb new look to match the substantial catalogue of techno bombs. Morgan shows why he consistently has his finger on the pulse of greatness with this truly brilliant Exclusive. Possessing a perfect balance of sheer filth and atmosphere that engages and excites from start to finish. His Beatport CV speaks for itself releasing on Octave’s Silent Steps, Hans Bouffmyhre’s Sleaze, Ricardo Garduno’s Illegal Alien, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Darknet, the list goes on… Featuring tracks from Chris Page, Blawan, Yan Cook, Mas Teeveh, Monocraft & Dolby D plus many more…

Death Techno – DTMIX063 – Morgan Tomas [Paris, FRANCE] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. EMPTY ROOM : steady balance (Chris Page Remix) [Reloading]
02. BARKER & BAUMECKER : crows (Blawan Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
03. EMPTY ROOM : drifted (MTD Rework) [Reloading]
04. YAN COOK : snap [Silent Steps]
05. EMPTY ROOM : steady balance [Reloading]
06. DAN BLUME : natural resources (Mas Teeveh Remix) [Reaktivate]
07. REINIER ZONNEVELD & JSPR : exit basements (Ricardo Garduno Remix) [Illegal Alien]
08. MORGAN TOMAS : the shadow [Silent Steps]
09. DOLGENER : tonic (LOSO Recharged Mix) [Rawhard Audio]
10. LEWIS FAUTZI / NUKLEAR DEFAULT : sucktion [Slap Jaxx]
11. HOWSKI : fox trot [Silent Steps]
12. DELKO : one point [Crunch Control]
13. MORGAN TOMAS : enox.29 [Silent Steps]
14. OCTAVE : rumble [Reloading]
15. MONOCRAFT & DOLBY D : mdd.1 [Reloading]

DTMIXS11 – Mike Wall LIVE [Berlin, GERMANY]


Death Techno - Mike Wall

Kicking off after Death Techno’s 3rd Birthday this month is Special Mix Series entry 11 from none other than the Wall Music boss. Mike has an unrelenting schedule, running his label, gigging and making mountains of music. He has released with some of the best and highly regarded underground labels in existence, always pulling out his unique and refreshing sound. This Exclusive live recording is full of darkness and quality techno that really excites the ears, turn it up and enjoy!

Death Techno – DTMIXS11 – Mike Wall LIVE [Berlin, GERMANY] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

SORRY! No tracklist… L I V E

DTMIX062 – Clarke Sawkill [Consett, ENGLAND]


Death Techno - Clarke Sawkill

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It will be Death Techno’s 3rd birthday in March and what a perfect way to lead up to it with a crazy mix from another North-East of England friend. This exclusive merges many bizarre styles together with dollops of old school flavour like nothing I have heard in a set before, an unbelievable addition to our archive. Clarke has had the chance to DJ with some big names while his many production guises such as Glide and Midicult, have landed on labels from USA to Russia, one track in particular “Cassini” was picked up for Nick Warren’s Global Underground Lima release. His self-named new material will reveal his identity and a new chapter, securing a release on Newcastle based Join Our Club ran by favourites People Get Real and another vinyl release due soon also. As Midicult, we have a fantastic track “Tremple Plot” signed to DEAD CERT. for our first mixed artist EP!

Death Techno – DTMIX062 – Clarke Sawkill [Consett, ENGLAND] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. STEVE LEGGET : baltic [Unreleased]
02. MINILOGUE : endlessness [Make a Beautiful Corpse]
03. BABY FORD + EON : dead eye [Plus 8]
04. RODRIGO DIAZ : without brain (Glide Remix) [22 Digit]
05. DAVID ALVARADO : auburn [Ovum]
06. FUSE : f.u.2 (Re-Edit) [Plus 8]
07. DBX : losing control [Accelerate]
08. CIO D’OR : wasserkraft [Prologue]
09. BRANDUB : harmonics (Anthea Remix) [Earlydub]
10. LFO : probe [Warp]
11. THE TRAVELLER : a100 [Ostgut Ton]
12. 2 SMOKIN’ BARRELLS : basses loaded (My Loop Edit) [Yoshitoshi]

• NEWS • Glade Festival 2012 videos

Glade - Cover Photo

A couple of weeks ago, we were visitors to Glade Festival @ Houghton Hall, Norfolk, 14-17 June 2012. It was luck that brought us there for the first time, together with help from our fantastic, generous friends and we will 100% be going back next year! We were actually the first public people let into the festival.

With nearly as many Funktion One speakers as there were blades of grass, you know it’s gonna be a good one with the lineup like a dream come true for us. We partied hard, met some amazing new friends and were surrounded by kind, open minded people. The festival’s friendly, feel good vibe completely won us over with plenty to do and lots of random things happening at any one time. We couldn’t have asked for more to be honest, even the weather turned out pretty damn good considering we were expecting 3 days of heavy rain.

I decided to start recording some videos, then that turned into a lot of videos and I’ve compiled some of our favourite snippets from this awesome festival. We hope you enjoy watching them as we did experiencing them.

– Jack! Who?

You can view all 41 HD videos on the Death Techno YouTube page.

F R I D A Y – 1 5 t h

Robert Babicz


Marc Romboy

S A T U R D A Y – 1 6 t h

Oliver Huntemann

Stephan Bodzin


Sven Väth

S U N D A Y – 1 7 t h

Marcel Dettmann

Function LIVE

Max Cooper

The Sonic Manipulator