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DTR | TOKEN48 : Aphelion



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Label : Token Records
Artist : Various
Title : Aphelion
Released : 3 November 2014

01. Ø [Phase] – Insectoid
02. Lucy – Sana Sana Sana Cura Cura Cura
03. Ctrls – x.y
04. Rødhåd – Haumea
05. Planetary Assault Systems – The 808 Track (Parts 1 & 2)
06. James Ruskin – No Trace
07. Surgeon – Fixed Action Pattern
08. Inigo Kennedy – Arcing
09. Karenn – Pace Yourself

I’ve long thought of the Token imprint at the forefront of the techno scene and I’d been excited to hear the “Aphelion” compilation as soon as it was announced. Being asked to review these beautiful white records was therefore a great pleasure. But please don’t take my word for it, if you’ve even a passing interest in contemporary techno, this demands repeated listens.

Aphelion gathers some of the most respected names on the scene and takes a track from each. I’ve picked the ones that stand out for me here, but it could easily have been any of the others as all nine of these tracks are top drawer.

Planetary Assault SystemsThe 808 Track (Parts 1 & 2)” is just that – skittering percussion and glitches weaving in and out of that beautiful, rounded 808 kick and a perfectly nuanced bassline. There’s a nervy, fingers-down-the-blackboard breakdown in the middle which cranks up the tension, then the groove just goes and goes (it’s a 9 minute plus track). This is a highly danceable minimalistic workout from one of the legends.

Insectoid” by Ø [Phase] unfurls a rocking broken beat kickdrum on you and jams the point home with a relentless throbbing bassline. The accompanying hihats are superb – some clipped, precise and measured with others wide open, almost to the point of static/drone. Midway, these last hats build up to a crescendo and drive the second half of the track, where new elements are introduced and the tracks complexity becomes apparent. Probably the album highlight for me. Listen to it loud in the dark – you’ll see what I mean.

Inigo Kennedy is an artist I’ve respected for a long time, and I love the juxtaposition of the parts in “Arcing“. No intro here – straight into a seriously menacing, growling bassline and some panel beating kicks. This type of tune makes you feel like you’re running over the planet at a hundred miles an hour. This is wonderfully set off by the spacey, slightly melancholic synths. These are big, big synth notes, and when heard in isolation (a couple of times in the track) could be from a different tune. But these elements work SO well together. Masterclass.

Blawan and Pariah’s Karenn collaboration needs no introduction and “Pace Yourself” is typical of their output. Super edgy and atmospheric sounds precede the massive kicks, the atmosphere and tension builds from there. I’m always astounded how tracks like this can be dark and funky at the same time – here, some small percussive notes and cycling bass do the business. Halfway in the kicks intensify like a closing vice, and new elements of percussion and glitches come to the fore. As you hear them, you realise they have been there all the time, waiting for their chance to get out. Superb.

Added to the musical quality, if you’re a vinyl head, the release is superbly packaged, heavyweight materials, minimalistic design, a thing to admire, weigh in your hands and experience (not just aurally). All credit to Token for producing this fantastic showcase of incredible talent. Goes without saying it’s essential.

Aphelion is out now on triple LP (TOKEN48LP) with CD and download (TOKEN48D) from the usual outlets.

– Reviewed by Stuart Ingram for


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DTR @ Illusion Sound, London | Kr!z – Material Object – Morgan Tomas – Hefty (19.07.13)


DTR (Death Techno Review) is a new feature we would like to introduce to our website, where we can share our experiences of selected gigs we attend up and down the UK with our fans and beyond, taking a closer look at some of the quality events out there.

We launch with a club night we first visited in March 2013, where we saw Octave, Chris Page & Morgan Tomas, who was featured on Death Techno recently (DTMIX063) and had such a great night, we had to go back…

Illusion Sound @ Crucifix Lane, London

KR!Z (Token Records)
MORGAN TOMAS (Reloading Records/Illusion Sound)
HEFTY (Darker Sounds/HEX/Dark and Sonorous)

DTR - Illusion Sound
DTR - Illusion Sound

DTR - Illusion Sound

HEFTY was an early guest to Death Techno back in 2010 (DTMIX014), so was it was an absolute pleasure to finally get to see him play. He kicked off the night at 11pm with his signature dungeon-esque sounds, setting the scene perfectly with plenty of darkness and enough funk to start the crowd dancing.

DTR - Illusion Sound

MORGAN, Reloading Records bossman and Illusion Sound resident followed on superbly, after just a short introduction he really started letting loose dropping some hellish grooves that really got us excited and lifted the whole place into party mode. Below is the recording of his set which is available for download also.

Morgan Tomas @ Illusion Sound, London (19.07.13)

DTR - Illusion Sound

KR!Z kept it rolling all night with some extraordinary, relentless, percussive techno throughout his whole set, utilising vinyl and CDJs to a tee. Constantly keeping the vibe on the level and when he felt like it, throwing in some curve balls for good measure.

DTR - Illusion Sound

MATERIAL OBJECT finished up fantastically by piecing together banging, driving multi-track loops then near the end delivered some slightly more melodic rhythms that were timed to perfection. Ending his set on a personal favourite – Rrose : Waterfall [Sandwell District]

An unforgettable night, you could feel it in the air, experiencing greatness first hand. All the guests showed their class and expertise, being on top form start to finish. After surviving the ride back to the North-East of England we booked our trains back to London the next day for Illusion Sound in September. See you then!

– Jack! Who? & Daavneeq

Other events to be featured on DTR this year will be…

– FRIDAY September 27 @ Illusion Sound, London – Octave, Kyle Geiger, Howski