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DT:Premiere | TWR72 – Response [Float Records]


We are huge fans of the Dutch maestros TWR72 and the relentless quality of their imprint that goes by the name of Float Records.

Check out the first half of this double pack Reflect (Part 1) that included Developer, Kwartz and Myk Derill. It’s an honour to select this original track from the guys themselves on the next instalment that enlists Markus Suckut, Samuli Kemppi and A001 on remix duty.

Response” is a whirlwind of intensity and manic power. Crunchy kicks and rough textures filling the mix get this gem going, where the synth stabs and siren-esque squeals make this a monstrous beast. Haunting organs and a tom drum providing an obscure ‘tick tock’ at the final break finish it off with great suspense.

> 01. What was the thinking behind this track and did you achieve what you set out?
Actually this track was a sort of follow up for ‘Balance.’ It was intended to sound a bit similar but with an improved character. As you can hear, the processing of the main synth is pretty much the same, but the sound on Response is a bit warmer. The overall feel is also a bit more aggressive. We were busy with a new working method at the time on how to process our sounds to give it more character and depth. Sound wise but also the rhythm of the sound. We can say that we achieved some goals on this track, but with every track we produce it’s always a surprise where it ends up.

> 02. What tips and advice can you share to any producers on shaping their own sound?
Be experimental, because there are no rules.

> 03. What is your go to track at the moment by another artist?
This a good opportunity to use some shameless promotion for our own imprint Float Records. As label owners we have the possibility to create a platform for the music we love. And there are a million ways to run a label and there are millions of decisions you can make. We feel that the Techno scene is extending in a good way and we’re trying to contribute in the development of it by giving talented producers a chance. We recently signed Fisssh and Kuf which is going pretty well. The upcoming release is by Altinbas. He did a track called “Imminent Probe” and although it’s a pretty basic track, it worked every time we played it. It was and still is our secret weapon in every set.


Vinyl – Friday 18 September 2015
Digital – Monday 28 September 2015

Float Records
FLOAT005 – TWR72 – Reflect (Part 2)

01. TWR72 – Reflect (Markus Suckut Remix)
02. TWR72 – Reflect (Samuli Kemppi Remix)
03. TWR72 – Reflect (A001 Remix)
04. TWR72 – Response

DTR | FLOAT004 – TWR72 – Reflect (Part 1) (incl. Developer, Kwartz & Myk Derill Remixes)


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Label : Float Records
Artist : TWR72
Title : Reflect (Part 1)
Released : 3 August 2015

01. Reflect (Developer Remix)
02. Reflect (Kwartz Remix)
03. Reflect (Original Mix)
04. Reflect (Myk Derill Remix)

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When we talk about something fresh, I must mention Float Records, which is a relatively young Techno label from Amsterdam and is controlled by the stunning local duo TWR72. Titled “Reflect (Part 1)” which is their first release of 2015 and the fourth in their overall catalog, comes with an original mix from the label bosses and remixes from the brilliant Developer, Kwartz and Myk Derill.

The first in line is Developer, thickened out with rough textured sounds, it’s a vibrant tune full of mind blowing intriguing details. Complex rhythms from the low section are punched by a slightly driven kick and dusty hat combinations make a top end blessed with character. A beep which consists of two pairs of notes make the hypnotic melody, like if it someone were calling you from the distance and setting the mood for the rest of this journey.

Kwartz has a similar approach but with a more pounding kick, industrial sounds blend nicely with the bass line, filling the room with drum vibrations for the cool groove. He proposes a chained noise blended with closed hats on top. Beeping notes also design the melody, but this time a sharp stab sound is answering back every 4 beats that is my highlight. The breakdown is a pad full of reverb sustained by the chained noise on top, from where the stabbing answer is built from.

Now is the turn for the Original Mix. A low formation of different percussions married with the fat kick makes an awesome and active groove. Filtered notes from a dusty synth travel in the mid, whilst a reduced attack on the additional textures blend with the rhythms in the low end, achieving an intense momentum. Reverberant pads at the breakdown are introduced by closed hats, then open hats take charge later, just when the beat drops back in. An excellent track for building a set.

Myk Derill proposes a fat/filtered type of sound, like those you find on vinyls and I personally love that. A tight clean kick is complimented with bouncy low drums, creating a deep groove. A constant lead note makes the smooth melody, which expands with extra panning and delay from time to time, adding a sense of hypnosis. Steady shakers unfold on top with ticking noises full of reverb, leaving a grainy trail behind for extra amplitude.

Float Recordings bringing the heat, one bomb track with 3 educated remixes. My patience will be tested waiting for the next material from these guys!

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