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DTMIX099 – Virulent [North Carolina, USA]


Death Techno - Virulent

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Virulent has been building a rock solid reputation for over 10 years, where his production works have been featured on fantastic labels such as Illegal Alien, Slap Jaxx, From 0-1, Ill Bomb and Dystopian Rhythm. Kevin is also taking his unique techno sound to Europe for some shows soon and will see a vinyl release on Rheostatus that’s in the pipeline for March 2015. His Exclusive mix is full of energy and dark explorations that leave a lasting impact, with tracks from Ledd, Owen Sands, Hans Bouffmyhre, Angel Alanis, Makaton, Bas Mooy and more…

Death Techno – DTMIX099 – Virulent [North Carolina, USA] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. YYYY : i could hear my own nerve cells [Illegal Alien Black Label]
02. ANNIE HALL : monde bruits [Blank Code]
03. LEDD / BRUNO LEDESMA : signal (Andres Gil Remix) [Dystopian Rhythm]
04. OWEN SANDS : mercury fold [Ill Bomb]
05. KOMPREZZOR : magik between two points (Maria Goetz Remix) [Chicago Jaxxx]
06. AHLIE BHERIE : be there be gone (Virulent Rework) [The Seed]
07. HANS BOUFFMYHRE : residual [MB Elektronics]
08. THE WELDERZ : order rand [A R T S Digital]
09. SINTOMA : erasing negative (Virulent Mix) [SecreTechno]
10. DAVE CLARKE : the storm (L.A.W. Mix) [CLR]
11. JAMIE CURNOCK : transportation (Truss Remix) [Onnset]
12. ANGEL ALANIS : the card [Unreleased]
13. MAKATON : night #1 [Token]
14. RED SQUARE : variable (Mono.xID’s Rectified Remix) [Shifted Soul]
15. JONAS KOPP : tau ceti [Tresor]
16. LAG : kontrola (Bas Mooy Remix) [MORD]
17. AXKAN : fear (Justin Schumacher Remix) [Reloading]
18. VIRULENT vs. MARIA GOETZ : a final solitaire [Unreleased]
19. NX1 : nx1 06 018 [NX1]
20. MAXIME DANGLES : cryptik (Johannes Heil Shaded Remix) [Skryptöm]

DTMIX069 – Andre Ramos [New York, USA]


Death Techno - Andre Ramos


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One half of the quality Illegal Alien Records, a label that has enjoyed continued success since being founded in 2007. New York born and raised, Andre Ramos makes his debut for Death Techno with a unique mix style, full of old school acid vibes, eerie atmosphere and darkness. He has remixed the likes of Lazerslut boss Miro Pajic, Sleaze Records’ Lex Gorrie, Miss Sunshine and Manuel Pisu, whilst having plenty of top notch artists rework his own material. Tracks included from Monix, Positive Merge, Ricardo Garduno, Fixeer, Luis Flores, Andres Gil, Alex Bau, Sutter Cane, DJ Hi-Shock, Nihil Young and more…

Death Techno – DTMIX069 – Andre Ramos [New York, USA] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. ROBERTO ESPINOSA : vision [Illegal Alien]
02. URBANO : zeitgeist [Illegal Alien]
03. MONIX : mat.ter [Illegal Alien]
04. MIRO PAJIC : blurry bastard [Illegal Alien]
05. POSITIVE MERGE : closing of the season [Monochrome Audio]
06. RICARDO GARDUNO : windy city [Abstract Mechanisms]
07. MONIX : unit.b [Monix]
08. FIXEER : under suspicion [Vector Functions]
09. KOMPRESSOR : the hidden script (Luis Flores Remix) [Sienna Obscure]
10. MORGAN TOMAS : destrukturate (Andres Gil Remix) [De-Konstrukt]
11. GABEEN : the dark secret (Andres Gil WeedStep Remix) [Darknet]
12. RICARDO GARDUNO & ANDRE RAMOS : benois [De-Konstrukt]
13. ERPHUN : konviction (Alex Bau Repaint) [Brood Audio]
14. SUTTER CANE : thorium [Phobiq]
15. DANIELE CROCENZI : carpet (DJ Hi-Shock Remix) [Illegal Alien]
16. ANDRE RAMOS : quest (Varic & Hilary Warner Remix) [Teggno]
17. NIHIL YOUNG : she is back [De-Konstrukt]
18. OVI M : whispers [Frakture Audio]
19. REINIER ZONNEVELD : deception guidance [Illegal Alien]

DTMIX053 – Memnok [Michigan, USA]


Death Techno - Memnok

Memnok really let loose on this Exclusive with a heavy sinister vibe that got us very excited. The HEX label owner who has released on the finest collectives around like Frucht, Divided, Android Muziq, Cirque Du Minimaliste, Machine Box and Der Hut. Keep an ear out for his Upper Echelon EP on the mighty Hidden Recordings this month too! We follow his progress religiously so are very honoured to have him as a part of our family. There’s a cheeky first listen to a couple of DEAD CERT. promos for an extra treat!


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Death Techno – DTMIX053 – Memnok [Michigan, USA] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. HEFTY : derelict (Darker Sounds Vol. 1)
02. COETER ONE : t2 (Tool) [Wall Music]
03. MEMNOK : itchy [Hidden Recordings]
04. JEFF RUSHIN : paranoia strikes deep (Rocco Caine & Acensor Remix) [Wall Music]
06. CABARETE GROOVE : tourette’s syndrome (Cabarete’s 2.4 Rework) [Silent Steps]
07. SHAPEDNOISE : white light white head (Dino Sabatini Remix) [Repitch]
08. KUBARK : necrophilliac [Darker Sounds]
09. MAEL : titled 1.3 [Labrynth]
10. THE NOISEMAKER : gamma [Silent Steps]
11. MONOLOC : hh [CLR]
12. RICARDO GARDUNO : dec 12 [Machine Box]
13. TORTURED : acidbased [DEAD CERT.]
14. HANS BOUFFMYHRE : easy meat [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
15. TORTURED : blacknd [Dark and Sonorous]

DTMIXS07 – Daegon LIVE [Denver, USA]


Death Techno - Daegon

One of my favourite artists for a while now, that I’m very happy to present as part of Death Techno’s Special Mix Series and we’ve extended the show especially to fit in all 1:35mins! Chad always seems to delve into my brain with his dark rhythms, unique sounds and funky style. This set was recorded at the Berlin haven Tresor Club and is completely live and full of on the fly goodness. He is regular for some of the best labels out there like Frucht, Dark and Sonorous, Cirque Du Minimaliste, Divided, Der Hut, Machine Box and Memnok’s new imprint HEX. Just straight up filthy vibes!

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SoundCloud :
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Death Techno – DTMIXS07 – Daegon LIVE [Denver, USA] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

SORRY! No tracklist… L I V E

DTMIX019 – Blake Dorsey [Los Angeles, USA]


Death Techno - Blake Dorsey

Well, well. Our number one fan of the Death Techno mix series Blake Dorsey aka Chris Rashidian from Hollywood, Los Angeles serves up his own slice of twisted techno. Created from scratch just for us, even featuring a track on ‘We Are Genius’ a label ran by our Newcastle friends Bigger Than Jesus, small world! With the quote “Blake likes to eat your souls up with the music that he dishes out, one CD at a time” it’s a dancefloor smasher from start to finish.

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Tracklist :

01. BOOKA SHADE : in white rooms (Neo Mix) [Get Physical]
02. DUBFIRE : roadkill [Toolroom]
03. DUSTIN ZAHN & JOEL MULL : what do you see? (8am Beats Tool) [Enemy]
04. ECHO VACIO : pandora’s box [We Are Genius]
05. FLOOM : jurassic [Transmissions]
06. GREGOR TRESHER & KAROTTE : eight track clubbing [Break New Soil]
07. HERTZ : blockz [1605]
08. JOEY BELTRAM : slice 2010 (Joseph Capriati Remix) [Bush]
09. KING UNIQUE : spikes [Bedrock]
10. MELLEFRESH & DEADMAU5 : whispers (Deadmau5 Remix) [Play Digital]
11. MOONBEAM : the underwater world (Spartaque Remix) [Traum]
12. SLAM : hot knives (Slam Remix) [Paragraph]

DTMIX015 – Audrey Napoleon [Los Angeles, USA]


Death Techno - Audrey Napoleon

A dedicated follower of our podcast, Chris Rashidian, advised us to check out his Hollywood based friend Audrey Napoleon. With her tagline being “I want your dirty techno” we new we had been introduced to the right person. We sharply selected one of her podcasts to release that showcases all sorts of styles like the John Tejada classic ‘Sweat (On The Walls)’ to her own unreleased production. We expect to hear more killer stuff from her in the future…

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Tracklist :

01. SHAROOZ : saccharin [La Bombe]
02. UMEK : circles of hell (Sebastien Leger Remix) [1605]
03. IMPULZE : white knight [220V]
04. MEKALUSH : shadows [Piston]
05. JOHN TEJADA : sweat (on the walls) [Poker Flat]
06. CARI LEKEBUSCH : merry go round [Harthouse]
07. FUNKAGENDA : astana (ThreeSixty Remix) [Funk Farm]
08. AUDREY NAPOLEON & DOM KANE : work it [Unreleased]
09. THOMAS MULLER : institute of shadow [BPitch Control]
10. ALAN FITZPATRICK : gridlock [Drumcode]
11. THREESIXTY : activate [Maquina Music]

DTMIX011 – Erphun [Los Angeles, USA]


Death Techno - Erphun

One word E-R-P-H-U-N (pronounced air-fun). The Los Angeles legend that is, has his label Brood Audio launching very soon and we’ve been keeping an eye on his every move since hearing a remix for Fergie’s massive track ‘Senderon’ on Excentric Muzik. He continues to rise and with fans like John Digweed, Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Umek, Oliver Huntemann, Stephan Bodzin… he brings the big beats, dirty basslines and that killer 4 a.m. sound…


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Resident Advisor : Erphun on RA


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Tracklist :

01. JULIEN PIACENTINO : touch me [Sleaze UK]
02. GREGORY SHIFF : i’m with an animal [Hidden]
03. ATTEMPORAL : mata [Sleaze UK]
04. ERPHUN : the daintree (Erphun Nightfall Dub) [Open]
05. ASTRONIVO : 3:30am [Subsonic]
06. DANNY VIBE : im staub wir vertauen (Carl Bee ‘Groovable’ Remix) [Night Mode Malta]
07. MORPHIC WAVE : sonar [No-Logik]
08. MONICO : monico [Feiyr]
09. ERPHUN : abattoir [CODE]
10. RICH GOIR : take control (A.D. Mix) [MOL]
11. ALAN FITZPATRICK : paranoize [Drumcode]
12. M0H : se7en (Gary Beck Remix) [Ground Factory]
13. MIKI LITVAK : pollinator (Gary Beck Remix) [Punch Music]
14. BILLY JOHNSTON & GENNARO MASTRANTONIO : space (Elon Remix) [Sleaze UK]
15. MONAQUE : dos3000 (Quivver Remix) [microCastle]

DTMIX008 – Acid Circus | Raíz [Los Angeles, USA]


Death Techno - Acid Circus | Raíz

Vangelis & Vidal Vargas have been lighting up the LA scene since forming ‘Droid Behavior’ with Drumcell in 2002. They host mega parties called ‘Interface’ with such guests as Chris Liebing, Surgeon, Speedy J, Matthew Dear aka Audion, Heartthrob and many more… Production wise they are racking up a nice catalogue and have gained support from Richie Hawtin, Ellen Allien, Adam Beyer, Jonas Kopp. This mix is a collision of old vinyl gems and fresh underground stompers with a huge tracklist to boot. Top notch stuff.

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Tracklist :

01. SOUND VANDALS: on your way [Nu Groove]
02. PHOTEK : glamourama [Science]
03. BEN KLOCK feat. ELIF BICER : goodly sin (Robert Hood Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
04. ACID CIRCUS : sweep play [Unreleased]
05. TIM XAVIER & PAR GRINDVIK : subtle paradise (Grindvik Edit) [Ministry Of Sound-Germany]
06. SHLOMI ABER : groove mechanism [Ovum]
07. MARK BROOM & DUSTIN ZAHN : leave me alone (Drumcell Remix) [Enemy]
08. ACID CIRCUS : new hoodies [Unreleased]
09. MARK BROOM & JAMES RUSKIN : hostage [Blueprint]
10. ROMAN FLUGEL pres. SOYLENT GREEN : la forza del destino (Radio Slave Remix) [Playhouse]
11. A. PAUL : earthlings [M_REC LTD]
12. SILENT SERVANT : demonstration [Sandwell District]
13. DEADBEAT : vampire [Echocord]
14. LEVON VINCENT : solemn days [Deconstruct Music]
15. FUNCTION vs. JEROME SYDENHAM : two ninety one [CLR]
16. HARRY AXT : bombaz [Supdub]
17. RAIZ : raíz [Historia y Violencia]
18. ACID CIRCUS : professionals [Unreleased]
19. ACID CIRCUS : hit me up [Unreleased]
20. TELEFON TEL AVIV : immolate yourself (Ben Klock ‘Jack’ Mix) [Bpitch Control]
21. AUDIO INJECTION : i’ve fallen (Raw Mix) [Droid]
22. NAGEN & SAUGEN : deep throat [Hörspielmusik]
23. CHRIS LIEBING : auf und davon [CLR]
24. ACID CIRCUS : h head [Unreleased]
25. SLAM : positive education (Derrick Carter Remix) [Soma]
26. JAIME ANDERSON feat. MR. K-ALEXI : cyclone (Original Re-Vox) [Mija]
27. MARC ASHKEN : the second mouse (Donk Boys Remix) [FVF]
28. GIDEON : freak your body [Gringo]
29. CLINT FOSTER : process [Geometric]