DTR | RS1503 : Lakker – Tundra (incl. Q&A)


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Label : R&S Records
CAT# : RS1503
Artist : Lakker
Title : Tundra
Released : 11 May 2014
Format : Vinyl, CD & Digital

01. Echtrae
02. Milch
03. Mountain Divide
04. Three Songs
05. Ton’neru
06. Halite
07. Tundra
08. Pylon
09. Oktavist
10. Herald

I remember first hearing Lakker‘s work on the 2007 long player “Ruido.” What struck me then (and still does now) was the sheer scope of the influences that the Dublin duo draw on and the huge depth and range of sounds used in their productions. Since then I’ve followed their productions and live performances with a keen interest, and the announcement of “Tundra” back in March (the “Irish Techno wizards” said FACT magazine) was cause for some excitement. The new LP on R&S Records is unlike anything else out there right now – by turns operatic, dark, uplifting and raw, immaculately produced and presented with amazing artwork. It’s very hard to pick a few of the tracks to go into more detail on from such a superb selection. But here are some things that stood out for me.

From the opening strains of “Echtrae” the production values are apparent. Every track on this album sounds a million miles wide. “Milch” uses juxtaposition of choral notes and firing synth stabs as percussion to devastating effect, with a haunting whispering that’s barely heard in the background. Listening to the percussive notes widen and develop into bass and drums as the track progresses is like hearing something coaxed into life by the haunting melody being sung over it.

I can safely say I’ve never heard a track quite like “Three Songs.” A sung choral intro of unsurpassed beauty is brutally cut off by fast kick drums and fizzing, static percussion, with a flat note measuring out the bars. At first listen this is shocking but a few choral notes carry through and lead you to the deep, lilting melody. Skittering hats and increased pressure in the kicks at this point recombine with choral notes and soaring synth notes, then the soundscape unfurls fully. Beauty and power, at once perfectly opposed and combined. Simply an astounding, euphoric piece of music.

The title track “Tundra” starts out as one of the most straight ahead compositions on offer here, with its measured breakbeat to click and rattle, but what grows out of it is anything but. Powerful growling notes slowly take precedence, increasing in volume and intensity and sounding like the birth of stars. Part way in, there’s the briefest touch of lighter notes and again that sense of ethereal euphoria that features throughout the album, before a gradual fading and the reintroduction of the beats. These are slowly eclipsed again, this time by sawing, tearing distortion, overdriving and expanding like a thousand supernovae and then sputtering out to nothing.

To be honest every track here is a highlight. The barely controlled aggression of the notes in “Pylon” and its clicked up beats. The understated menace and melodic chimes of “Oktavist.” The hissing, percussive syncopation of “Herald.” With Tundra, Lakker prove once again that they can continually achieve that oh-so-difficult task in modern electronic music – a sound that’s all their own and completely unique. This album deserves to be counted as a classic alongside works by artists such as Aphex and Autechre. If you go for such concepts as ‘Album of the Year’ (I don’t) then this may very well be it.

Tundra is out soon on the prolific R&S Records and is available in beautiful limited edition “splattered” vinyl as seen below and also CD and Digital formats. A more intriguing and immersive experience in electronic music you are very unlikely to find right now.

– Reviewed by Stuart Ingram for


Q&A with Lakker
by Stuart Ingram for

> 01. The track “Three Songs” is exceptionally varied in its musical content. Was it the intention with this album to seek out and arrange deliberately contrasting sounds?
The intention was to have an honest representation of who we both are as musicians, and contrasting different sounds is something we’ve both always found interesting. We’ve always loved the melding of different styles and different soundworlds coming together to create something new and interesting.
It wasn’t really a conscious decision to do this on the album, it’s more that that’s what felt natural to us when we were making the tracks.

> 02. Can you tell us how the artwork ties in with the music on the album and who produced it?
It was produced by an amazing artist called Eileen Carpio, whose voice also features on a number of tracks. It is an image that she drew, black ink on white paper, while listening to the album, inspired by the tracks, and when she showed it to us it immediately felt right.

> 03. How do you feel your outlook on music and sounds has changed since the early days? What is different about your influences these days?
I think now we have more of an appreciation for the sounds themselves, and also less of a desire to do so much. When we were younger we used to try and do way too much in each track, and layer things too much, create tracks that were too dense. A lot of the time we would use interesting sounds, but they would get lost in the mix. Nowadays we are more careful to not cram the tracks too full of sounds, or ideas. We are not afraid to be more simple, and let things be a bit more, rather than having to make everything chaotic or complex.
Our influences are wider than ever before. In a funny way sometimes. I think we both have an appreciation for things like garage or house music, or even pop music – more accessible things we may have shunned years ago.

> 04. Did you approach this album in a different way to “Ruido” in terms of the source sounds and the production methods?
Yes, and no. In production terms this album is a lot more refined and cleaner than Ruido. More mature. Less crammed full of sounds and ideas, as we mentioned above.
In terms of sound sources we still have a similar approach – we still use a lot of found sound, and still try to find a balance between organic and electronic sounds. But now we try to use them in a more refined way. Letting more of individual sounds have their place in the mix, taking more care with how we use the sounds.
Also nowadays we do a lot more synthesis of our own sounds, whereas Ruido was very much sample based.

> 05. It’s been over 7 years since the last album. Was there a conscious decision to wait until now before producing another, and has it been important for you both to develop musically to this point?
Absolutely. After Ruido came out, we both decided our sound needed to develop, and we wanted a period of just releasing EPs and 12″s to be able to explore that. We always felt an album is a statement, so we did not want to do a second album until we felt we were at the point to we had something to say – something that would hold up in an album format. We didn’t want to put another album out just for the sake of it. And it took until now for us to be happy and confident enough in our sound to do that. That’s what Tundra is and we’re both super happy with it!


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• NEWS • We are 4!

DT We are 4

4 years have most definitely flown by, but they do say we must be having fun and it’s absolutely true. Here is a breakdown of happenings and the things to look forward to…

Promoting established artists we are digging and DJ talent has always been the focus for us, showcasing great music. We continue to receive messages of support from fans around the world, even one person saying “Don’t change!” This is the key I find, keeping the same template and letting the music speak for itself, allowing the right people to find us.

Proving this theory, we were recently contacted by producer and friend Andreas-Tek who curates a brand new channel on the world renowned net radio site Digitally Imported (or simply called Underground Techno. You can catch our repeat shows being scheduled bi-weekly Saturday’s around 4:30-6:00pm GMT.

The premiere broadcast of each mix can always be heard online bi-weekly via Radio in Germany.

– This official site has over 39,000 views since launching in November 2010

SoundCloud is now over 3,631 Followers
Facebook Page has 2,751 Likes
Twitter has 525 Followers
Mixcloud has 607 Followers

To help celebrate our 4th birthday, there are 2 mixes lined up, a 2hr 22mins Exclusive LIVE recording from Marcus Reichel in Brandenburg, Germany. In the next couple of weeks will be my annual Special Mix Series set featuring artists that have previously been guests or to appear in the future on Death Techno, to show appreciation for their work and taking part in this project.

Our schedule is rammed as usual… over the coming months we have Exclusive sets to feature from Israel Toledo, ALHEK, Bruno Ledesma, XHEI, Lex Gorrie, Eomac and Affin label boss Joachim Spieth just to scratch the surface…

DEAD CERT. Records

Our label DEAD CERT. Records that began releasing in July 2013 has the 7th instalment due March 13 from the fantastic Energun. Plenty of music is in the pipeline from more great artists that are to be revealed with some even more special news to announce later in the year… Below you can listen to some previews and check out our links…

Thanks for all the continued support!


Jack! Who? B-)

D E A D C E R T . R e c o r d s

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/// Resident Advisor

DEADCERT007 : Energun – Psychology

DEADCERT006 : Various – Red Letter

DTR @ Illusion Sound, London | Kr!z – Material Object – Morgan Tomas – Hefty (19.07.13)


DTR (Death Techno Review) is a new feature we would like to introduce to our website, where we can share our experiences of selected gigs we attend up and down the UK with our fans and beyond, taking a closer look at some of the quality events out there.

We launch with a club night we first visited in March 2013, where we saw Octave, Chris Page & Morgan Tomas, who was featured on Death Techno recently (DTMIX063) and had such a great night, we had to go back…

Illusion Sound @ Crucifix Lane, London

KR!Z (Token Records)
MORGAN TOMAS (Reloading Records/Illusion Sound)
HEFTY (Darker Sounds/HEX/Dark and Sonorous)

DTR - Illusion Sound
DTR - Illusion Sound

DTR - Illusion Sound

HEFTY was an early guest to Death Techno back in 2010 (DTMIX014), so was it was an absolute pleasure to finally get to see him play. He kicked off the night at 11pm with his signature dungeon-esque sounds, setting the scene perfectly with plenty of darkness and enough funk to start the crowd dancing.

DTR - Illusion Sound

MORGAN, Reloading Records bossman and Illusion Sound resident followed on superbly, after just a short introduction he really started letting loose dropping some hellish grooves that really got us excited and lifted the whole place into party mode. Below is the recording of his set which is available for download also.

Morgan Tomas @ Illusion Sound, London (19.07.13)

DTR - Illusion Sound

KR!Z kept it rolling all night with some extraordinary, relentless, percussive techno throughout his whole set, utilising vinyl and CDJs to a tee. Constantly keeping the vibe on the level and when he felt like it, throwing in some curve balls for good measure.

DTR - Illusion Sound

MATERIAL OBJECT finished up fantastically by piecing together banging, driving multi-track loops then near the end delivered some slightly more melodic rhythms that were timed to perfection. Ending his set on a personal favourite – Rrose : Waterfall [Sandwell District]

An unforgettable night, you could feel it in the air, experiencing greatness first hand. All the guests showed their class and expertise, being on top form start to finish. After surviving the ride back to the North-East of England we booked our trains back to London the next day for Illusion Sound in September. See you then!

– Jack! Who? & Daavneeq

Other events to be featured on DTR this year will be…

– FRIDAY September 27 @ Illusion Sound, London – Octave, Kyle Geiger, Howski

• NEWS • DEAD CERT. Records

DEAD CERT. Records

I’d like to officially announce that DEAD CERT. Records will be launching in the coming months.

It’s been a long wait for many involved since April 2012, but these things take time and a whole lot of work to put together. We wanted to make sure things are at their best for us and everyone else before moving forward and we would like to thank those for their patience and belief in our vision.

We are nearly finished mastering the remixes for the first few releases, so from now there should be a pretty quick turn around before the first release details and promos start to trickle out to our friends. You can expect to see remixes appearing by quality artists and friends like Audio Injection, Heron, Miss Sunshine and Hans Bouffmyhre.

As you may know, we like variations of techno and minimal, as is showcased through Death Techno and this will be reflected in the music that appears on DEAD CERT.

“Welcome to DEAD CERT.

We enjoy a deep/dark sound that excites and instills passion in the listener like none other. “Quality over quantity” is our mantra, releasing a variety of minimal and techno whilst discovering and nurturing new artists that we believe in.

Keeping an open mind at all times, we look for everything from style and originality to how a track would sound in a club for that extra dimension through years of experience.

Mastered by a high profile engineer who has worked with Magda on her album for Minus and Items & Things, amongst others.

From the Creator of Death Techno and the Owner of 22 Digit Records.”

Keep up to date…

/// Facebook
/// SoundCloud
/// Twitter
/// YouTube

There has been some track samples up for a few months on SoundCloud so you can hear what is to come, with more due to be uploaded very soon…

Ideas are coming thick and fast for the future already so we can’t wait to get moving, releasing high quality music and making our own mark.


Jack! Who?

DEADCERT001 : Black Mail

DEADCERT002 : Tortured – Narcotics EP

• NEWS • Glade Festival 2012 videos

Glade - Cover Photo

A couple of weeks ago, we were visitors to Glade Festival @ Houghton Hall, Norfolk, 14-17 June 2012. It was luck that brought us there for the first time, together with help from our fantastic, generous friends and we will 100% be going back next year! We were actually the first public people let into the festival.

With nearly as many Funktion One speakers as there were blades of grass, you know it’s gonna be a good one with the lineup like a dream come true for us. We partied hard, met some amazing new friends and were surrounded by kind, open minded people. The festival’s friendly, feel good vibe completely won us over with plenty to do and lots of random things happening at any one time. We couldn’t have asked for more to be honest, even the weather turned out pretty damn good considering we were expecting 3 days of heavy rain.

I decided to start recording some videos, then that turned into a lot of videos and I’ve compiled some of our favourite snippets from this awesome festival. We hope you enjoy watching them as we did experiencing them.

– Jack! Who?

You can view all 41 HD videos on the Death Techno YouTube page.

F R I D A Y – 1 5 t h

Robert Babicz


Marc Romboy

S A T U R D A Y – 1 6 t h

Oliver Huntemann

Stephan Bodzin


Sven Väth

S U N D A Y – 1 7 t h

Marcel Dettmann

Function LIVE

Max Cooper

The Sonic Manipulator

• NEWS • SMUT x Katrina Darling

SMUT x Katrina Darling

Sascha and friends at London based SMUT Clothing always have their finger on the pulse. Now being sported by another rising talent from Sunderland, friend, model and burlesque performer Katrina Darling in the appropriately named “Naughty Vicar T-shirt” which is available from their online store. This photo was taken before her appearance on Entertainment Tonight in the US after a very successful tour, which received attention and interest from the legendary Playboy brand.

To let you into a little secret, she also has royal connections being second cousin of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Part of her burlesque act is called “God Save the Queen” to play on the family ties. A little further below are some of our favourite photos of Katrina showcasing her versatility and awesome style.

We would like to show our support and best wishes to Katrina and SMUT.

Keep up to date…

SMUT Clothing

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Website :
Tumblr : SMUT Clothing – Tumblr


Facebook : Katrina Darling (Official)
Twitter :
Tumblr : Katrina Darling – Tumblr
Requests/Bookings : Lyle Derek (NYC) lderek99 @

Katrina Darling - Collage 1
Katrina Darling - Collage 2
Katrina Darling - Collage 3

Photography Credits :

Andrew G Hobbs | Chris Davis (Specular) | Wicked Heart | Yvette Bessels
Loraine Ross | John Beilby | Grime and Glamour | Shaun Delaney

– U P D A T E –

The rumours are true, here’s Katrina’s cover shot! Well done! B-)

SMUT x Katrina Darling

• NEWS • We are 2!

DT We are 2

Yes, it’s 2 years this March since Death Techno was started. What an amazing response from the world it continues to be, gaining new followers every day now…

– This official site has just hit over 10,000 views today since launching in November 2010
iTunes & podOmatic has reached over 80,000 downloads
SoundCloud is now over 1,100 followers and constantly growing
Facebook Page has 414 Likes
Twitter has 307 followers
Mixcloud has 212 followers

It’s great knowing there are so many like minded individuals out there that enjoy our mixes and keep coming back for more. Thanks to everyone for listening and enjoying!

DT 2nd Bday Poster

> Facebook EVENT <

To help celebrate our birthday, we've arranged a little get together on Saturday 7th April @ Bar1, Sunderland featuring our local friends that have been featured on the podcast…

JACK! WHO? [Death Techno/B.R.A./Calcutta]
STEVE OMAC [Death Techno]
DAAVNEEQ [CityWestRecords]
STARK [CityWestRecords]
WILLIAM WELT [22 Digit Records]
SHARON COMMON [CityWestRecords]

The Bunker

Our plan is to raise some money for a local charity that will intern support a rich history of music making in our city. The Bunker is an organisation at the centre of music and arts in Sunderland, constantly using music as a tool to help educate and improve many lives, supporting the community. They also provide rehearsal facilities and professional recordings studios paving the way for national and internationally acclaimed bands like Field Music, The Futureheads, Frankie & The Heartstrings with Hyde & Beast more recently.

O T H E R N E W S . . .

– There’s a huge new project in the pipeline that’s pretty top secret with full details to come very soon…

• NEWS • DT x

DT x

I can now officially announce our new partnership with, a high quality, independent, 24/7 internet radio station based in Hamburg & Berlin, Germany that share our ideals and hunger for quality electronic dance music where everything broadcast is hand picked.

They, like us, started out in events and progressed into a new avenue with a worldwide audience. Playing phenomenal mixes by some of our buddies and putting together a high calibre squad of talent that we are proud to be a part of…

– The insane Dark-Material Podcast
– The devastating Splatter
– A exclusive by Daegon
– The mastermind that is Rocco Caine
– A live set from Gregor Tresher at Berghain
– A DJ mix from legend Stephan Bodzin
and some of the finest house I’ve ever heard!

(click to listen live – flash player)
Deep House / Minimal / Techno
Progressive Trance

To launch this new venture will be my “Xmas Minimal 2011” mix that was held back due to sickness over the Christmas period, so I’m very happy to finally release it!

We will be premiering each new mix on the “Death Techno Show” I guess you could say, programmed for every other Friday, starting January 20th at 9-10pm | 10-11pm CET.

They will be available in high quality mp3 to listen and download on our SoundCloud shortly after.

We’ve already had a banner on their site for a couple months now and stats are 26,876 views with 215 clicks, which is fantastic!

A massive thanks to Dextar & Ronny Gee for getting us involved!

Jack! Who?

Keep up to date…

S O E . F M

Facebook Acc : soefm.radiostation
Facebook Page : soefmradio
SoundCloud :
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Website :

Another taster of the mix to come…

MISS SUNSHINE : unmold [Bondage]

• NEWS • DT goes .com…

DT goes .com

The first of the news this week and quite a good one I think!

To celebrate my Birthday yesterday I bought the domain through the current WordPress based site and a nice treat to kick off 2012!

We have reached 1,000 followers on our SoundCloud yesterday too. Another amazing milestone, super thanks to all!

Also, a nice easy URL was given to our Facebook Page.

Jack! Who? B-)

*Any of our urls that had “” are redirected to the new domain.
No links have been effected.

Try this track out, I personally think it’s an absolute ear buster and it’ll be on my forthcoming mix!
Details to follow…

YOMA : plié [Genesa]

• NEWS • It’s a New Year…

2012 is here

We hope you had a cracking NYE and almost recovered today as are we!

There’s plenty of awesome stuff to come in 2012 from DT…

– Soon we will be announcing a new partnership that will propel us a huge step forward.
– There’ll be another giveaway from our amazing sponsor BIG DIRTY Cables for our 2nd birthday in March.
– Stacks more Exclusive bi-weekly mixes from super talented DJs & Producers worldwide.
– More from our Special Mix Series
– Other news and treats to follow shortly…


Jack! Who?’s Xmas Minimal 2011 mix has been delayed due to sickness, but will be coming very soon!

To wrap up, here’s one of our favourite releases of 2011. Vinyl only for now…

“A new series of hand stamped white labels from two established artists who have produced on planet E, among others, coming together under the mysterious denseandpika alias”



• NEWS • Xmas Giveaway courtesy of BIG DIRTY Cables!


As you may know we are sponsored by Big Dirty Cables, a young, custom audio and visual professional cable brand, that have a quality and style like none other we’ve ever seen. They have a trusted background for supplying their components to some of the UK’s most successful TV shows like Apprentice, MasterChef, X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

They have kindly supplied us with what we have named a ‘DJ Pack‘ for your DJ/audio equipment setup.

2x Phono-Phono & 1x Jack-Phono
each 1m in length.


Simply go on your Twitter and post this update.

I want to win @BigDirtyCables from @TheDeathTechno in their Xmas Giveaway! #competition #giveaway #prizedraw |

A winner will be selected at random from the entry list by the Big Dirty Cables Bossman and contacted straight away.

No matter where in the world you are they will be shipped straight to you from us!


Merry Christmas! – BDC x DT

• NEWS • SMUT x Ellis Cooper

SMUT x Ellis Cooper

We’ve been a fan and follower of London based SMUT Clothing for over 4 years now. Everything from the brand, blog, clothing, models and their general way of life is unique and naughty. The feeling has been reciprocated by the main man Sascha digging mixes from myself and our podcast since the beginning, even dropping them at after-parties I’m told!

In recent months, much to our elation, we’ve seen photoshoots pop up of friend and model Ellis Cooper rocking SMUT gear, who hails from our hometown Sunderland. Ellis has just moved to London and is currently signed with Girl Management which is ran by Lucy Pinder, who looks after many top models like Vikki Blows.

We are over the moon to see this collaboration happening and would like to show our support!

Keep up to date…

SMUT Clothing

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Tumblr : SMUT Clothing – Tumblr


Facebook : Ellis Cooper
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Requests/Bookings :

• NEWS • BIG DIRTY Cables : Death Techno Sponsor

Big Dirty cables


I am over the moon to announce a new sponsorship for Death Techno. Since launching DT as a new project back in March 2010 there has been many highlights so far and this is top of the list.

I was looking for a new audio cable to accompany me and generally be my cable of choice for gigs. After a while of searching eBay, I was enticed by a superb stock photo, then looking closer a clear, stylised and defined product which was exactly what I was looking for. A unique, distinctive, black cable design with an orange tag at either end of the connectors marked BIG DIRTY that I could tell was made with a great understanding and passion in mind.

Reading a little more into the seller I discovered more…

“Big Dirty cables supplies custom audio and video cables to TV and Audio professionals around the UK. Before now we have only done business face to face with our clients, now we feel its time to let the on-line community see what we have to offer.”

Without hesitation I bought it and wanted to get in touch with them and let them know what a great product I thought they had. The idea of Sponsorship soon arose and after multiple lengthy emails as we talked future plans and ideas. I am truly proud that DT is now associated with the super high audio standards they strive for, this is certainly a relationship that will build.

“Thanks for all your great comments about our products and style, it’s exactly how I wanted it to all come across. I had a look at your WordPress and SoundCloud sites, it looks like you have an ever growing good thing going on with some dedicated followers. I’ve had some of the mixes on in the background whilst making up the days cable orders!”

Thanks for reading.

Kirky /// Jack! Who?


– We plan to supply those of you that have released mixes on DT with a gift courtesy of Big Dirty cables.
– Competitions will be launching soon to win a ‘DJ Cable Pack’ that will include 2xPhono-Phono + 1xMini Jack-Phono (iPod/Laptop cable) entry details too come.
– Sponsorship of any future events Death Techno is involved with.


Feel free to enquire about BIG DIRTY products and also bare in mind they can create a custom cable to your exact requirements and specifications.

Simply drop an email to sales @

Facebook Page | Official Site – WWW.BIGDIRTY.TV – Coming Soon | eBay Store | Twitter


“We are only a very new and small company/brand, in fact I only decided to make it all official December 2010. All our cables are made to order in South London, which means we can do pretty much any size and configuration that our customers want, even if they buy a pre-spec cable on eBay we can always make last minute changes.

Despite being so small we actually make cables for some big organisations and industry people. We built a whole HD video and audio studio gallery setup for UK MasterChef that was aired earlier this year, a lot of the TV sound recordists in London use our cables for shows like MasterChef, Apprentice, X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. Our video cables are used by a lot of camera operators on these shows too. As well as this we like to make things that aren’t available anywhere else, which is why we make our own growing range of iPhone cables like our iPhone timecode input cable (these have been used on a Channel 4 drama and a feature film) and our iPhone mic xlr input cable (hopefully available soon!).

The main thing we focus on is making the cables to the high quality anyone would expect whether they are for TV/Audio industry people or someone who just wants to plug some speakers into their TV at home or iPod into their car system.”

• NEWS • We Are 1!


A year has passed with 19 Death Techno Mixes and 1 Special Mix Series under our belt. From worldwide talent, underground sensations and UK friends, we’ve loved every second.

There’ll be a stat update by tomorrow and a couple of surprises by the end of the week from myself.

Thanks to all friends, fans, contributors for supporting what we do.

This is just the start…

– Jack! Who?

• NEWS • Featured… NeonTapeDeck


DTMIX015 – Mixed by Audrey Napoleon was picked up and posted on NeonTapeDeck.

Super thanks to DAANISH for supporting.

“This Hollywood techno queen caught my attention when I heard her mix for Death Techno, a Podcast based out of England which also recently featured Erphun.”

• NEWS • Welcome…

Welcome to the new home of Death Techno.

This new site will be the official site for all our info, mixes, artist/DJ profiles and friends we meet along the way.

Please take a look around, content is being added and updated regularly. We hope you enjoy DT!


Jack! Who?
Creator / Director / Designer